Stan D'Arde

Esteban Cortazar Backseat Banters With Stan D'Arde

The past six days in New York city have been quite a whirlwind for us all with Fashion Week infiltrating every ounce of our beings. We opened a new pop-up club called Chez Andre. We launched Standard Radio with a handful of our designer friends. I even launched an advice column called Ask Stan.

But nothing is more exciting for me this week than celebrating my good friend, Esteban Cortazar, who is debuting his latest collection today. Some of you might remember this pint-sized wunderkind from when he became an international star by debuting his first eponymously named collection at the age of 12 or something. Then he moved to Paris to take the helm of the House of Ungaro.

Now, in another fantastic feat of fashion force, he is bringing his own collection back to women across the world, by launching exclusively on Net-A-Porter. Only my Esteban can break the mold, shun the industry and forge new ground in this way. Knowing that he was in New York for the debut, I sent my Bentley to bring him to The Standard, High Line for a martini, and we discussed a few things along the way.

Watch the video, shop the collection and email me your thoughts...because you know I always want to hear what you have to say to me.



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