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Made x The Standard Fashion Week in Emojis

In 1913, Edna Woodman Chase, Vogue’s editor-in-chief, invented the fashion show. In 1943, the proto-New York Fashion Week, known as “press week” was born. In 1973, Diane Von Furstenberg held her first fashion show, and in 1984, Michael Kors held his. In 1992, Marc Jacobs unveiled his (in)famous “Grunge” collection. In the spring of 1994, Kate Moss made her Calvin Klein debut. In September 1999, Alexander McQueen held his show on the West Side piers during Hurricane Floyd. In 2015, Rick Owens brought penises to the runway. In 2016, Yeezy incensed the fashion press. Finally, in keeping with the times, we’re reporting on all the Made x The Standard Fashion Week shows in that medium of our times, the emoji. Read on to see fashion history in the making and check back to see more. 



Etienne Deroeux

Sandy Liang

Ji Oh




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