Party Patrol

Costume Drama

For some, the annual dance with death elicits great excitement at the thought of assembling another masterful costume. For others, it's just a drag.

If you're looking for parties, we have three for you to pencil in. On the West coast mmhmmm at The Standard, Hollywood presents OKKULT: a dark, twisted and magical journey, and The Standard, Downtown LA presents Teach Me How to Chucky 4: "Screeches & Lean." Back East, Le Bain at The Standard, High Line is hosting Tiki Zag, a combination of Tiki Disco and Zig Zag. If that isn't spooktacular, we don't know what is.

For costume assistance, we thought we'd dig through our archives and pull some of the more intriguing looks. We hope it inspires:

1. The celebrity take-down

2. Quirky New York icons

3. The anthropomorphic disco ball

4. Brian Boitano

5. Show girls

6. You can do a lot with grandma's fur stole

7. Something out a Paul Verhoeven film

8. Why be just one thing?

9. Get thee to a nunnery

didn't use yet, but will

10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Sexy

11. The 18th century is always a good idea

12. Remember to edit yourself ...

13. A scary wall flower

14. An au current controversy. Remember when Mitt Romney trash talked Big Bird?

15. Disney princesses

16. Real princesses

17. A tuxedo with a striking animal mask work well together.

18. Dia de Muetos

19. A lovely mask goes a long way.

20. It's not so much what you're wearing as how hard you sell it.

21. Virtually any '80s cartoon character can work

22. Men in uniform. Love men in uniform.


23. If all else fails, a simple corsage will do it.

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