Javier Ninja's GIF Guide to New Way Voguing

Javier Ninja, father of House of Ninja, shows us how to do the New Way.
Back in March, Isla Jones Chanel–from the coveted House of Chanel–showed us the basics of Voguing in A GIF Guide Voguing at Banjee Ball, the monthly party she hosts at SPiN Standard at The Standard, Downtown LA. So, when the lineup arrived for 'Let's Have a Ball', last night's Standard Talk about ballroom culture and voguing in NYC, a lightbulb went bing! and it was settled: another GIF guide to Voguing was in order.

It was a night of stupendous family ties and memories; Jack Mizrahi, the biggest MC in the game, Omari Mizrahi, Javier Ninja, Aisha Diroi Prodigy, and Meeka Prodigy gathered in synergy and celebration. They staged a ball, took us back to the beginning, and opened the arms of their community. 
Javier Ninja is known for his extreme flexibility and when paired with the New Way style that is rooted in precision, grace, and fluidity, it's like watching an angel transcend the realms. OK, maybe that's dramatic, but it's pretty f*cking good. New Way is comprised of four main elements: floor performancedipshands, and stretchhhh. See the GIFs below and you'll be walkin' the balls in no time. 






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