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5 Personal Motivational Posters from Artist Adi Goodrich

Adi Goodrich is a Los Angeles-based set designer and art director. When companies like Target, Apple, Weiden + Kennedy, and PAPER Magazine need sets built for a photo shoot, they come to her. Goodrich's sets for advertising are built by hand, in-house with her full-time crew of artists and builders. She's also the latest artist to tackle The Box and Lobby at The Standard, Hollywood. Her installation includes five key frames built around specific personal themes:

Teamwork Teamwork

Self Improvement



Bedside Manners

Here's what she had to say about the images:

"I wanted to make a series of personal works in which I was the sole creative person behind the project. All the work I create in advertising, though I love it, requires many people, brains, hands, time, and energy. I wanted to make work that relied on myself and my own stories rather than brands and a large crew."

"In this exploration, I found myself making images about the past 5 years of living, working, and creating in Los Angeles. Because I’m a maker, I created images about what I know: I made work about work. Instilling the energy that exists in my woodshop and on set, I made five photographs that can be viewed as motivational posters - sort of like the posters that flank the walls of a 7th grade math teacher’s classroom, (e.g. 'There is no 'I' in Team.')."

"These photographs are reminders to myself on how to be my best everyday – how to stay balanced, take care of myself, surround myself with the best people I can find, remain positive and lighthearted, and to remember the artifacts of the past to help me create a better future."

Adi Goodrich's installation, Like Thiiiiis?, for The Box and Lobby at The Standard, Hollywood will be on display through January 12th.

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