Le Bain

Yes Future: Yuksek

French artist Yuksek shares his latest video from space (featuring the astronaut Thomas Pesquet) before he plays Le Bain on Saturday, April 1st to celebrate his new album "Nous Horizon."

"'Future' means being surprised...'Future' may be out of the Earth" –Yuksek

Yuksek x Thomas Pesquet's "Live Alone" 
featuring Roman Rappak

"'Future' means the big unknown for me. Six years ago, I would never have thought of doing movie scores, recording a symphonic orchestra, or creating a label.

'Future' means being surprised. My generation grew up without Internet. It was popular when I was 16, and there were just few blogs and not even iTunes. Now blogs are old school, iTunes is dying, someone like Trump is president…Internet is everything and it goes so fast that I cannot even imagine what 2025 will be like.

'Future' may be out of the Earth. That’s why it was so exciting to do a video with Thomas Pesquet, the French astronaut. As human being, we are still fascinated by what’s happening in space, and maybe soon we’ll be able to 'cosmic travel' from the Earth to space. I would love to do that."

On Saturday, April 1st, Le Bain presents Yuksek
The Standard, High Line | 10pm

Yuksek's album listening session on April 1st
Devialet Store NYC | 7pm

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