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SRETSIS’ Dynamic Trio Talks Style + Sisterhood

Kly, Pim and Matina Sukhahuta are the dynamic trio behind SRETSIS Parlour, the innovative lifestyle brand who recently took over Tease at The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon. Drop in to see their whimsical take on our trippy tea room through Songkran. Their magical tea sets, fantasy tableware, bespoke textiles (and their furry companion, Ludo) are all the rage in Bangkok this spring.

The sisters’ journey from Thailand to NYC enriched their love of all things lifestyle. From fashion to home wares and everything beautiful in between, they've channeled their sisterly bond into a bona fide creative triumph.

Your vision for the SRETSIS brand started in a New York apartment. Could you each say a little bit about why you decided to go into business together?

ALL: Everything happened quite organically. From our weekend childhood play of photoshoots (Kly the photographer, Pim the designer, and Matina the model) which sort of evolved into the work we do now. Matina added, “I just wanted to play with my big sisters!”

You’re the creative super-team behind our latest collaboration: SRETSIS Parlour x Tease. Matina, how did you bring the SRETSIS “world of fantasy” to The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon?

MATINA: To begin with I absolutely love the interior of Tease! I really felt like the world of Sretsis Parlour would fit easily into their aesthetic. The modernized Art Deco décor fuses perfectly with our appreciation for old world glamor with a modern twist. One day while having Afternoon Tea there with Pim, I started daydreaming of what kind of desserts and Tea Party I would want to have and how I wish Ludo could live here. And that we could really complement each other! The rest just kind of fell into place. The next thing I knew I was given the opportunity to dream away and The Standard Team and Chef Panna Lertsri brought it to life! I'm really grateful and happy with this collaboration.

Pim, you know a thing or two about late nights in New York City. Any memories from The Standard, High Line you’d care to share?

PIM: Seafood platter and cocktails at The Standard Grill! The queue of Boom Boom Room and the million dollar view from the toilets. It was also the first time I saw a naked woman wearing only strands of pearls dancing on the rooftop of Le Bain!

Kly, as a mother of two: Would you like to see your kids go into business together someday? What advice would you have for them?

KLY: If they could, it would be great. But more importantly, I’d like them to explore what they want to do. And try to imprint the value of creativity, perseverance and flexibility so they could apply to anything they would love to create in the future.

Matina, you’re described as the SRETSIS “muse.” How does your personal style inspire the SRETSIS look?

MATINA: If Kly, Pim and I embodied creating the Sretsis Spirit. I guess I'm the epitome of Sretsis woman that never wants to grow up. The love for flowers, fantasy and childhood dress-up play we three shared, imprinted on who I am. I will always be Pim's little sister who tells her big sister about her dream dress. Pim will design from that request and make it beyond my imagination! So I have been incredibly lucky to be given that title! The best part is now her daughter is my muse, the girl that inspired me to create Little Sister (our childrenswear) even before she was born.

Pim, the “Mr. Ludo” figure is based on your beloved dog—how does that character help spread the SRETSIS brand to new customers around the world?

PIM:  Ludo was based on my beloved Brussels Griffon, Liger who came from New York. He was the sweetest and gentlest furry companion. When designing the Fall – Winter 2015 “Sretsis Labyrinth” print, Ludo came into life as a reminder not to judge a book by its cover, and at Sretsis we believe that you have to open your eyes to see the beauty and uniqueness in people, hence all the mutant animals featured within the signature print. He has been our steady companion and now the mascot.

Matina, you followed your studies at Parsons School of Design (NYC) with jewelry training at Central St. Martins (London). We have global flagship hotels in both cities! Where would you rather live—New York or London?

MATINA: That's a tough one to answer! New York feels like home whereas London is like a holiday home where I always want to go back to. So both, Autumn in New York and Spring in London!

This one’s for all three of you! How are you celebrating Songkran this year?

ALL: We are all flying down to Koh Samui to be with Auntie Matina as she officially opens her recreation center for kids and kids in all of us, Mulamati Rainbow Village. The whole family will be there to see what magic Auntie Matina has been conjuring up for the past few years!


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