Game, Set & Match in The Maldives

Have you really played tennis ‘til you’ve done it in The Maldives?

Here’s what we love about The Standard, Maldives: You can fill your day doing absolutely nothing or pack your schedule with outdoor activities. Let’s say you’re a tennis lover: You can start your day with an invigorating match and then laze around with a book all afternoon. Let’s say you love tennis and your partner doesn’t—she can have a morning cocktail while you’re working on your game with a pro. Or play together! Tennis is one of our favorite couples activities in The Maldives. 

We recently partnered with RTC (Royal, Timeless & Challenging) to raise the game on our tennis court. Our resident tennis coach can put you through your paces no matter what your level of play is—from basic to advanced.

RTC Level 1: Hit the court for 10 hours of basic techniques.

RTC Level 2: It's game time with 10 hours of tactical training.

RTC Level 3: A 10-hour journey to tennis excellence.

RTC Master: Conquer all 10 specialty courses in a whirlwind of forehands and serves.

Our court is maintained to tournament standards, so bring your best Wimbledon forehand with you to The Maldives and get serving. You'll find this and other things to do for couples at our Maldivian retreat. 


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