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TheirStories: Queerness in Jazz

TheirStories: Queerness in Jazz

TheirStories is a series of LGBTQ+ cultural events and discussions, hosted in the surroundings of the Library Lounge at The Standard, London and curated by Laurie Belgrave, founder of The Chateau. Seeking to investigate, celebrate and uplift the diverse narratives and stories of London’s vibrant LGBTIQA+ community, with intergenerational talks, performances, cultural moments and music.

This month’s TheirStories is a very special edition, the culmination of months of discussion with leading players in the UK’s jazz scene. It marks the first time TheirStories has hosted a live music event at The Standard, and lands on the last day of the London Jazz Festival. TheirStories: Queerness in Jazz is an exploration of the intersection between jazz and queerness, an investigation into how some of our greatest jazz musicians find space for their identities within an art form so inherently queer, but often outwardly conservative.

How has this unparalleled art form that was once home to all things bohemian, and a hotbed for self expression become rather male, pale and stale…. And where do queer artists inspired by the world of Jazz find home?

Join us in the Library Lounge for an evening of conversation and live music, with four of the UK’s most exciting queer jazz musicians; Luca Manning, Xhosa Cole, Helena Kay & Jamie Safir. Plus, a DJ set from Laani. 

Doors 6pm / Conversation from 6.30pm / Event close 11pm

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TheirStories: Queerness in Jazz is hosted and co-curated by Luca Manning.