Yoga Month

Yoga Powwow

Christy McKenzie and Lululemon ambassadors Terri Cooper, Paul Toliuszis, Dawn Feinberg and Daylene Christiansen will guide guests through an evening of all-things yoga. We spoke with Christy about why yogis and non-yogis alike will be inspired by this evening on the bay.

What will be the biggest takeaway from the night’s conversations? Some longtime local yoga teachers will be sharing insights about the exact ways their yoga practice has shifted their lives. The takeaway will be exploring the various ways our personal yoga practice can shift our personal lives in practical and profound ways.

Walk us through the event — will there be an actual yoga class taking place? The night will be a social reception for about 20 to 30 minutes and followed by one hour of guest lecturers and some questions from participants. There is not active yoga so people can come dressed for a fabulous Saturday evening after the talk. The bayside restaurant will be offering its clean, fresh and delicious fare so people are welcomed to dine there and make it a fully al fresco evening if they like.

This evening is for non-yogis as well? Since there is no physical yoga practice this will be a good time for non-yogis to learn about the broad spectrum of benefits that come from yoga. It will also be an inspiring night of shared ideas that will surely spark many engaging thoughts in whomever is present.

From a personal point of view, what does yoga mean in its purest form? Yoga is the Art of Mindful Living and Radiant Expression.

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