Yoga Month

Yoga Month at The Standard Spa

September is National Yoga Month, and as always we’ve got lots of fun yoga related events planned at the spa. Whether you’re new to yoga or a long time practitioner, it’s a great time to get motivated and inspired! Why yoga?

FEEL GOOD Simply put... Yoga will make you feel better! And not just right after you finish a class or your own practice. This feeling carries you throughout your day inside out, improving your mood, your relationships and your own sense of inner peace.

MORE THAN JUST TONED The benefits to Yoga are many; however mainly the two important areas are detox and increased flexibility. Over the course of our lives, our bodies accumulate numerous toxins daily from many substances we ingest or are otherwise exposed to: from foods to chemicals, to environmental pollutants.

Cleansing is increased as we sweat more, with a purifying effect on all tissues of the body. The body heat and circulation increases and allows us greater flexibility and greater range of motion to deepen our practice and truly stretch into the depths of an Asana (yoga pose).

Yoga alone burns fat, builds core muscle, increases overall muscle strength, increases balance, allows for more normal sleeping patterns, decreases stress, restoring the condition of our joints when practiced safely-while detoxifying the body.

Added benefits we love: · Increased Strength · Better Focus and Concentration · Overall Sense of Well Being and Satisfaction · More even and even elevated Moods · More balanced emotions · Empowering insights into ourselves, allowing for more freedom and satisfaction. · Better quality of Sleep and mind recovery

ANUSARA, VINYASA, HATHA? What type of Yoga of best for you? Find a practice that you enjoy. Be inspired by our yoga schedule offering a diversity of classes for differing physical and spiritual readiness or interest. Try yoga classes that integrate all limbs of yoga, as our daily bayside Sunrise Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa, Budokon Flow, Warm Yoga in the Hamam and more…


In honor of National Yoga Month, we’d love to turn YOU on to yoga and inspire you to practice. Introducing The Standard Yoga Month: Unlimited Yoga Monthly Class Pass $108


BAYSIDE FALL EQUINOX SUNSET YOGA SOIREE Tuesday September 17, 6:30 – 8pm with Christy McKenzie Soaking in the sight of a lovely sunset is awe-inspiring. Tack on some soul-feeding yoga, and double the delightful fun. Now in its third edition, join The Standard for its seasonal Bayside Fall Equinox Sunset Yoga class for a gorgeous sundown and soothing yoga session atop the Yoga Dock. Suggested donation of $10

YOGA EVOLVED TALK Saturday September 21, 6:30 – 8:30pm Let’s talk yoga, shall we? In this special yoga talks event, Yoga Evolved, where locally loved yoga guru Christy McKenzie and Lululemon Ambassadors Terri Cooper, Paul Toliuszis, Dawn Feinberg and Daylene Christiansen will guide guests through an evening of all-things yoga by the breezy bay. Complimentary, RSVP to

SEASONAL TUNE-UP ON THE FALL EQUINOX Sunday September 22, 7 – 8pm with Lori Bell In Chinese Medicine, Fall is the season of letting go. It is related to the metal element, which governs grief, taking in and releasing, It is a time of refinement, reflection and releasing. The energy favors reflection, calming the mind and letting go of old patterns. Join us while we reflect, refine, and let go, on this Fall Equinox. $30 includes indoor baths

H2-ROAM: RUN, YOGA & BATHS Sunday September 29, 11am – 12:30pm Awaken your inner athlete with Cat Haayen! A light 25-minute Sunday Roam (run), followed by a 1 hour deep, yummy, strong, and restorative YOGathletA session that will revitalize, reactivate, rejuvenate and reorganize the body and mind followed, by a delicious detoxifying Hamam indoor bath experience! $35 includes indoor baths

Buddha says: "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

Click here for full listing of events, classes and spa offerings.

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