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Who Shows Short Shorts?

Standard Talks and NewFilmmakers LA are happy to announce the return of its monthly summer film series, Short Shorts. Shown poolside, each short is followed by a brief talk with the director, cast, and crew. The series kicks off on Thursday, May 29th, at 7pm. This week's films include:

Safety, 13 Min.
Director: Rory Uphold
Andy needs a good rebound to get over her ex and get her back in the saddle. Enter: Morgan, an eager, awkward, acquaintance and the perfect rebound. So she thought... Safety is a cautionary short film about rebound sex and rejection. An honest, uncomfortable, dark comedy.

The Drain, 9 Min.
Director: Collin Blair
Steve is bearing the weight of his isolated existence, when a person enters his world. That person happens to be his bathtub drain. The phrase "out of sight, out of mind" is not always true.

Wracked, 25 Min.
Director: Victoria Mahoney
Getting put away in prison for five years changes everything. They learn to live without you, you learn to live through them, and the live by the thought of redeeming yourself once free. Sean's first 48 hours of freedom prove that maybe, sometimes, nothing really changes.

Gwyndor, 20 Min.
Director: David Crabtree
When an estranged Father surprises his daughter on her 30th birthday, things don't go as smoothly as he expected. He's about as out of touch as you could imagine.

Pop The Grapes, 17 min.
Director: Nicole Dorsey
Stephanie, a shy and levelheaded young woman is devoted to becoming the best student in her women's self-defense course. When her cute instructor Mark tells her she's ready to move on to an advanced program in the big city, Stephanie sees a chance to get out of her small town. But, it's going to cost $500. ​

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