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Who doesn't love wading through a stack of the world's most interesting magazines, with their odd shapes, thick stocks and artfully arranged layouts? In fact, you can do this yourself at any of our Standard Shops in New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Here's what we've enjoyed in the Spring/Summer issues so far ...

"Louise Bourgeois" in Acne Paper – Acne Paper dedicated their Spring issue to the body and all the complexity and beauty that surrounds it, thus a good reason to devote 23 pages to Louise Bourgeois with pictures by Christopher Burke.

Johnathan Safran Foer Interviews Rufus Wainwright in Flatt Magazine – "People will remember this period of your life as the most artistically tumultuous," Johnathan states. "We're in our thirties and it's time to go out there and make the big move," Rufus responds, "and it can last for a good 25 years. Pop is more about being really young, really ephemeral and kind of nihilistic. I did sort of live it in the past, but now I want the big fish."

Karl Lagerfeld's New Paris Apartment featured in Architectural Digest – The exclusive look inside Karl's new digs on the Quai Voltaire. We suggest wearing a sweater while viewing. That's some cold, cold decorating right there.

"The Page 3 Girl" by Anthony Haden Guest in Richardson. Photos by Martin Parr – And what is a "Page 3 Girl?" Hint: It's a British thing. You'll have to read the article to find out for sure. Warning: This magazine is cover-to-cover naked people – very very very, way naked people.

"The Secret Lives of Chefs" by Lisa Hanawalt in Lucky Peach – Funny cause it's true? Julia Child using Béchamel on her skin; Batali's shoes double as a pasta maker; Barber and Keller put out to pasture ...

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