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Wading Through the Monthly Mag Pile

Who doesn’t love wading through a stack of the world’s most interesting magazines, with their odd shapes, thick stocks and artfully arranged layouts? In fact, you can do this yourself at any of our Standard Shops in New York, Los Angeles or Miami. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed in the Autumn issues so far...

Living For Picasso

032c, 25th Issue

Sir John Richard was initiated into Picasso's world at the age of 23 after striking up a relationship with the well-known art historian Douglas Cooper. Now, some 66 years later, Richardson is finishing up his fourth biography on Picasso's life slated to be out next year.

Escape to Iceland

The Gentle Woman, No. 8

A cover-all outfit is vital for survival in Seltún, an area of sulphur fields in southwestern Iceland. Stylist Ondine Azoulay was nice enough to show us a few of the more fashionable options. Here the model is seen wearing an oversized silk dress by Saint Laurent over argyle thigh-high socks by Chanel, and a shearling jacket by Fendi.

The Salon Pages

The Journal, Entry 33

Brea Souders' Teeth And Shell is made from pieces of shell and bone from her parents' natural history collection. The opposite page features a sculpture her father made and an orange peel that he unraveled. The far right page is a beautifully morphed woman by Asger Carlsen, an artist who questions and riffs off of the evolving trend of photography and its standards of beauty and mortality.

Pattern Palace

The World of Interiors, December 2013

The City Palace of Karauli in Rajasthan is almost entirely covered in intricate motifs. The painted walls are complimented by jali screens that cast filtered light through the windows and onto the floor. Love us some patterned light.

Masque of Anarchy

Another Man, Issue 17

The Chapman brothers, known mostly for their casually demonic art, created a print for Louis Vuitton titled "Garden in Hell." The tapestry of "mutant flora and fauna" patterns staring eyes and sharp talons onto bags, jackets, and keychains. Oh, and a teddy bear that retails for £40,000.


Tissue, No. 3

These are just a few of the clever images from the archive of Thomas Bayrle that occupy the final pages of this season's Tissue magazine, a self-proclaimed "exquisite art manual" published biannually. Not the first artist to use genitals for pattern making, but decisively cuter.

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