The 5 Categories of Cristiano Ronaldo Crotch-Grabs

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese footballer who recently bared all on the cover of Spanish Vogue, is the captain of Portugal's national team. He's also the most expensive footballer in the world. He also has a habit of sorting things out down there, a lot.

1. The iconic Cristiano Ronaldo crotch-grab

2. The contemplative Cristiano Ronaldo crotch-grab

3. The tickled Cristiano Ronaldo crotch-grab

4. The super-psyched Cristiano Ronaldo crotch-grab

5. The Trifecta

Watch Ronaldo in action during the World Cup in the Biergarten at The Standard, High Line.

In Miami, head to the lobby at The Standard Spa to watch the games.

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