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Take a Trip at Sweeties

Welcome to Sweeties. The newest spot opening at The Standard, London, and a cocktail bar unlike any other.

Think sexy Studio 54 vibes meet floor-to-ceiling views, sumptuous velvet furniture and a sound system that’ll have you dancing in no time.

Epic interiors and music aside, there’s been a lot of talk about what’s happening behind the bar at Sweeties. We’ve partnered up with award-winning mixologists Jack Sotti and Todd Austin to create a cocktail menu that’s all about the mind, body and soul. Here are four of our favourite new drinks on the menu to get your mood and your spirit right. 

Frothy Boi

If the name doesn’t make you want to order this, we don’t know what will. This pastel pink cocktail is ready to uplift and exhilarate, made of oat-amazake and lacto-rhubarb (very GOOP, if we do say so ourselves) with Tanqueray London Dry gin, wine vermouth and a super raspberry chaser on top. Tart, fragrant and, of course, frothy. 

Pick Me Up

An old-fashioned and an espresso martini walk into a bar… here’s what walks out. The Pick Me Up brings a wavy edge to a traditionally potent cocktail with the addition of 8 adaptogenic mushrooms (very new age!) all with, reportedly, health-boosting attributes. This one gets you feeling ready to dance with a rich helping of brown butter, Ketel One vodka, Eminente Rum, caramelised whey and a chocolate ‘magic’ mushroom thrown in for good measure. 

Crystal Healing

For those of you with a penchant for rose quartz the Crystal Healing cocktail gets you feeling energised and refreshed. For the drink-heads this is a classic whisky highball gone to the ocean – potentially our most Instagrammable one of the lot – as it’s served over vivid blue ice with coconut water, spirulina, Tanqueray Ten and the inimitable Johnnie Walker Black. Think, a heady beach-spritz right here in King’s Cross.

Holy Thursday

David Axelrod fans will tell you it’s the most sampled track in hip-hop, Sweeties’ fans will tell you it’s our team’s most loved drink. It may look like a simple, unassuming clear cocktail but take a sip and you’ll find its complexity at another level. Mint and fresh but rich and smooth combining white chocolate Sake, fresh mint infusion, Holy basil and distillate milk. It’s the perfect invigorating tipple after your big feast next door at Decimo.

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