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Seeing Stars with Susan Miller

A portrait by Susan's pal, Terry Richardson

When I had the good fortune (!) of meeting Susan Miller for the first time, I knew it was meant to be. She's the gifted soothsayer behind Astrology Zone, the only place to find out what the universe has in store for you when it comes to love, money, sex, work and everything else that consumes your day. (Well, it's not the only place — you can also download her app.)

The other day, I spent some time with Susan and got to ask her some of the questions we all want answered. Well, they're the questions I wanted answered, but I think you'll find them informative as well. You're welcome.

Is it possible to fall in love with someone who has a conflicting star sign?

Some people fall in love with someone who can finish their sentences, but other people don't need that complete ease. You can get along with anyone because you are so much more than your star sign. There are 10 heavenly bodies in your chart. Eight planets plus the sun and moon equals ten heavenly bodies. Did you know that no one ever again will have your exact chart across time and space and the history of the world? Not even twins. In astrology, every mathematical degree counts. That means you shouldn't listen to anyone, but you should listen to your heart. We have to use our own instincts.

Is one's destiny really written in the stars?

Absolutely not. We have a very big role to play in our own destiny. Astrology is best for planning. Like, is this a good night to have a big talk with my signifciant other? We have a monstrous moon coming on March 27th, so I would never suggest that anybody make a big presentation or tend to a proposal on a monster moon. We plan our initiations, but there is no destiny in astrology. We are the engine that runs our lives. The more you study astrology, the more you realize that it is the passion, the desire and the determination that ultimately shapes your life. I can only advise people when to act, and even in that case, it is up to you to decide when to act.

Do you ever do your own chart, or is that cheating?

All the time! I would be a terrible person if I didn't do my own chart. If I didn't listen to my own advice, why would I expect anyone else to listen to me? I always look at big trends, not the little ones. I need you to act when I tell you to act...even if you think you're not ready. In astrology, it's all about the initiation. It's when you first plant the seed. That first moment is critical because it lays out the DNA for the life of the relationship ahead. You must listen to me when I say to start planting seeds.

If all astrologers are looking at the same stars, how come daily horoscopes can be so dramatically different?

Well, it's just like when you're listening to the news. No matter what channel you're watching, they're looking at the same story, but they're all interpreting the news in different ways. One may speak to you or resonate in your life better than another. I will say this about the dailies — and this is controversial — when you' re you writing over 400,000 words a year like I do, 1,100 words per horoscope, per sign, per day, times 365 days. it's a lot. It can get expensive for a company. Some companies don't always hire experienced astrologers. If your horoscope isn't resonating, it might be that the company isn't hiring astrologers that really have the experience. You have to be careful who you are allowing into your mind. There are many conversations that the planets are having. I'm deciding which conversation is going to resonate with you, and we have choices. We may be making the choice to pick one conversation over another for you. It's a choice.

Do you remember the first time you looked up at the stars? What did they say to you?

Oh, wow. I remember I just saw such incredible beauty, and I asked my mother how far away they were. I just lost my mom. She was a Gemini. I had her to myself. My mother and I would talk about it all. The universe is so magical. There's so much mystery still that we don't know. It's unfolding, and it will appear to us when we're ready to understand it. I went into astrology when I was 14, and I was sick for 11 months. They didn't know if I would walk again. That's what lead me into astrology. I had a real motivation to find out if this was really going to work. You have to work hard to show the universe your intent. You have to meet the universe half way.

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