Stan D'Arde

Meditate On This

Constantly flying around from one big city to another can really take it out of me. The noise. The disruption. The martinis! That consistent barrage of sensory overload can really take its toll on a man like me. That's why, twice a day, I take a moment for myself where I can sit alone, breathe deeply and reboot the system. It's my own private Idaho.

Now, the woman who taught me to reconnect to myself so I can always be connected to you is bringing her light to The Standard, High Line. We are offering meditation classes to the masses because we know how hard New York City life can be. This Sunday, June 2, and again on the 21st, Donna D'Cruz descends on the third floor High Line Room to help you reach a higher plane. And I don't mean StndAIR!

Classes are free to hotel guests, and there is a suggested $20 donation to everyone else, but don't let that deter you. Your enlightenment is our focus. Don't forget to RSVP!


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