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Love This For You: B12 Shots

Love This For You is a deep dive into the world of treatments at The Standard Spa—some you know and love, others that will change your wellness game.

Picture somebody with a little spring in her step—she’s energetic, she’s serene, she’s ready to face the day. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Vitamin B12. We love that for her, and we really love it for you.

When you browse our menu at The Standard Spa, your eye might jump to massages, facials and other treatments that work from the outside in. B12 shots are quite the reverse: They’re an easy breezy wellness infusion that work from the inside out. We caught up with "Miami's foremost doyenne of alternative healing" and go-to guru for integrative health—our very own Lori Bell—to get the scoop. 

Anyone (we mean, everyone) can benefit from regular (or just occasional) B12 shots. But our vegan and vegetarian friends can gain the most, since B12 is mostly found in animal products. Some people also have a harder time absorbing B12 from the food they eat (due to conditions like Crohn’s disease or celiac disease) and find the shots particularly enticing.

The treatment’s very simple. Book your appointment and we’ll see you at the Spa. In case you're wondering, men typically get the shot in the arm while women get it in the hip. We’ll administer the injection in a relaxing atmosphere, and answer any questions you might have about the benefits.


Drained, sluggish? We get it, the struggle is real. B12 plays a vital role in energy production, helping to convert the food we eat into usable fuel for our bodies. Shortly after your shot, say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a welcome energy boost.



Your metabolism isn’t what it used to be—and don’t worry, nobody’s is. The older we get, the harder our bodies work to create those chemical reactions. B12 shots can jumpstart the engine and help your body burn calories more efficiently. B12 aids the breakdown of fats and proteins—say “hi” to your new secret weapon.



We could all be a little sharper, and vacation is the perfect opportunity to train your brain. B12 shots support cognitive function and improve memory. They stimulate the production of neurotransmitters, keeping your mind focused, and ready for anything. Ace the test, dazzle in the boardroom—B12’s got your back.



While sunning yourself at The Standard, Vitamin D’s working its magic on your mood. A quick B12 shot will put another super vitamin to work, elevating your feel-good neurotransmitters. You’ll feel more radiant soon after the treatment, and people will notice.  


All to say—B12 shots are a game changer. So if you’re looking for an unexpected boost of vitality on your next trip to The Standard Spa, give it a try.   


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