Inside the box

Lesser-Seen Los Angeles

Morning...Open on a close up of an actress in a hotel bed. Cut to a shot of morning traffic. Simultaneously, there's a tattooed man eating cereal. Cut to a dripping faucet. And so begins LA based photographer/videographer Thomas Slack's dual video showing ephemeral glimpses into the daily experiences of these two characters. The videos, installed side by side, are part of Thomas' new work for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood. Cityscapes, palm trees, the actress on a balcony, the man tooling around East LA with his skateboard, swimming pools, smog, curtains blowing in the breeze - the mundane is beautifully transformed into visual poetry celebrating the city of Los Angeles.

Thomas Slack's installation, Just A Moment Now, for The Box at The Standard, Hollywood will be on display through early June.

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