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Yes Future: Jamie 3:26

Is the "Art of the Edit" retro-futuristic? And what about the "Art of the DJ"? Listen to Jamie 3:26's latest works and make up your mind...The Chicago DJ hero returns to Le Bain, Friday, March 10th.
Jamie 3:26 "Purple Music" (Basement Edits)

"I stretched a 4-minute song into a 10-minute workout...and it does mad damage!" –Jamie 3:26

"I'm one who can embrace the past and respect it, yet also appreciate the present moment. While I may have vision and can sometimes foresee things ahead, to a certain extent, forward and progressive thinking is a must!" 

"I embrace change, but I can't forget the roots, history, and architects of this thang." 

"I utilize technology, but still have a respectful approach to what I do because I came up in Chicago under the true gods of this thang!"
Jamie 3:26 "Sun Sun Sun" (Basement Edits)

"It's easy to overdo it, due to technology...sometimes simple and raw works wonders." 

"It's all art, so my approach to this is different from someone else because it's all personal and about feeling."

Jamie 3:26 & Masalo "Testify" (Local Talk)
Friday, March 10th, Le Bain presents Jamie 3:26
10pm | The Standard, High Line

Read our Q&A with Jamie 3:26 (July 2016)

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