Your August Horoscope: Mercury is Direct, Eclipses are Over, and the Best New Moon of the Year is Here!

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart (if you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!). This month's biggest takeaways: Mercury is direct. Eclipses are over, and the best New Moon of the year is here! Spread the love.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

Ah, Aries, August is gonna be so good. Mercury has gone direct, making you likable, even loveable, once again. August begins with the best New Moon of 2019, as BFF Leo activates your 5th house of joy, romance, and self-expression. Add the arrival of Venus and Mars into Leo, and this is the month to live large—unleashing your soul's deepest desires. August also invites you to take a walk on the wild side. Let loose! Go skinny-dipping; it's summer, after all. Cycle through a wine country. Jump out of a plane. Hop on a Harley and explore the open road. Just promise you won't do anything that lands you in court, ok? On August 14th, the planet of love kisses the radiant Sun, ushering in a magical cycle of love for the next 11 months! Express yourself and your true feelings! Partnered? Find new and creative ways to show your love. Secret crush? Now is the time to reveal your heart. The Full Moon in Aquarius lands in your house of friends and social networks on the 15th. Go hang with your friends; join a political campaign; 2020 is around the corner and we all need a feisty Aries on our side. On August 18th, your warrior ruler Mars moves into perfectionist Virgo, highlighting work and self-care. For the next six weeks, please shake up your exercise and office routines. Virgo is providing an extra dose of discipline so you can truly focus your energy. Find an infrared sauna and detox. Reorganize your workplace. Prioritize professional goals. Be mindful of your temper and urge to criticize co-workers. You may want to find solo projects or work from home. Remember this month is about spreading joy. Get cracking, Aries!

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, you may not want to leave the house this month! Mercury is back direct; so, you can turn your attention to all the things you've neglected or have interrupted by Mercury's energy. From cleaning to organizing, returning emails to planning a new biz, August is the month to get it done. The month kicks off with the yearly New Moon in Leo, a.k.a., your 4th house of home and hearth. Venus and Mars are hanging out there too. Your house is a "very, very fine house" and everyone wants to cozy up there, especially you! Taurus, we all know that you're a homebody. Your home is your castle, where you reign as king and queen, and princes too. August is the perfect time to luxuriate in your nest: fluff it up, redecorate, or just lounge on the sofa, binge-watching the latest Netflix series while sipping rose. I'm inviting myself to your house. Seriously, you may have guests who refuse to leave. There will be entertaining and glorious summertime dinner parties, sunset cocktails, wildflowers, music playing, and fire pits surrounded by family and friends. It's like a scene from a Dionysian painting. To add to this domestic dwelling and fun, your ruler Venus starts a new cycle on August 14th, hooking up with the Sun in Leo. Think amor, romance, and beauty thanks to your 4th house. This love fest lasts for 11 months; relish in it. On August 15th, the Full Moon falls in Aquarius, activating your professional life. Taurus, are you doing what you love? With Aquarius in your career house, you cannot pretend—you must express your passions and creativity in the work milieu. Be inventive; push for what you want; embark on new initiatives while the stars align. You'll soon reap the rewards. Dear Taurus, you may find yourself pulled between work obligations and your home life. Though home rules you and the month, please try to strike a balance. Someone has to pay that home's mortgage. Don't pull the stubborn card. Temptations will come; look for the opportunities to stay flexible. Happiness will follow. Taurus, this August, make "home is where your heart is" your mantra!

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Gemini, gear up for a positively positive August as, at last, Mercury is going direct! While it was only retrograde three weeks, it put you into a funky state of mind. It's time to shift. Trust me, you're back on track this month. August kicks off with the yearly new moon in Leo, activating your 3rd house of communication, curiosity, siblings, and environment. Reply to ignored messages, catch up on social media, read quick briefs of the Mueller report and political developments so you're armed with information—then use it to engage in witty banter with friends and family. This is not the time to be a wallflower. Gemini, with your gift for gab, find a podcast platform and let your voice be heard. What cause do you feel compelled to support? Whether at home, work, or in community, spread your optimistic outlook and honest take on life this month. Also, use this vociferous energy, Gem, to heal relationships with friends, family. Think Yom Kippur or Lent: ask for forgiveness as you give up ego, even if you know others are at fault. If we all followed your lead, Gemini, the world would be a better place. Ohmmmm. But no pressure, really, however, in case you missed the memo, the planets are aligning to help you out in this lofty mission. Venus and Mars land in Leo, followed by Mercury, inspiring even more joy. Tap in! Creative energy runs high this August. It's an ideal opportunity to revamp your website or update your online dating profile. On August 14th, Venus hooks up with the Sun, beaming a strobe light of love onto the universe. This magical vibration adds a most alluring guest to the party already going on in your 3rd house. If you are looking for love, stay local as you're likely to find it in your own neighborhood. Hopefully, you don't drive and text, but this month don't walk and text. Gaze up from your cell and see the people around you. It could lead to a love connection. Yes, it might just be that easy! On August 15th, the Full Moon arrives in Aquarius, your 9th house of knowledge, travel, spirituality, and publishing. Feed that insatiable curiosity. Instead of going down that rabbit hole of Google University, take an online course. Self-publish on Amazon. Explore new horizons so you can share information with others. They are depending on you to know the latest and greatest. Don't disappoint. Find that platform, speak up, and be the bearer of good vibrations this August. Gemini!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Cancer, come out, wherever you are! It's safe...I promise. The eclipses are over, and Mercury is back in action. On August 1st, the best New Moon of the year lands in Leo. This annual lunar event activates your 2nd house of money, talent, and personal values. Who do you think you are? We're not sure either, as your perceptions and beliefs may be challenged this August. Listen, money can buy you fabulous possessions, but it can't buy love or happiness, dear Cancer. Leo's energy is heartfelt, generous, and dramatic, and it needs to be harnessed. So instead of reciting affirmations for money miracles or praying to a higher power for financial abundance, turn inward. Practice self-awareness and self-compassion. There's a plethora of TED Talks to help guide you in this process. Venus, the planet of love, joins forces with Mars, warrior planet of action, igniting your sign into action. This is the stuff of Martha's Beck's book, "Finding your own North Star; Claiming the life you were meant to live". You can transform your life, Cancer, at least this August, anyway. I can feel the vibrations of change! But if you want it, you must dig deep. What are your personal and professional goals? What are you so good at doing that when you do it, times flies by? The stars begging you to do what you truly love and from it, we'll all benefit. In a time when everything seems chaotic, Cancer, you can lead by example with optimism, self-expression, and integrity. On August 14th, Venus and the Sun begin a new cycle in Leo. If you don't have high regard for yourself by the end of this cycle, you are hopeless, Cancer. The Full Moon on August 15th fall into Aquarius where sex and intimacy take center stage. Get your freak on in bed and sort out your intimacy issues. Then, it's back to money with Leo in charge. Cash flow will increase if you listen to TED and Martha. Open an IRA, save for the future. Your mantra in August, Cancer, is to do what you love and the money will follow. 

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Happy Birthday, Leo! The universe celebrates with a flash mob of benevolent and fun-loving planets dancing in your sign. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars are all invitees to your month-long birthday bash. I love these drawn-out celebrations and you will too. Why? Mercury is back on track, so all of those misconstrued messages from its retrograde are made right. The best New Moon of the year lands in Leo and lights up your birthday season. You, Leo, will be lighting up everything this month, and giving name to the inspiring quote and eternal question: "Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?" Well, Leos, you are all of the aforementioned. We all know it. This is the month to spread your trademark charisma, beauty, creativity, and entertaining spirit. After the messy month of July, we all could use a touch of Leo magic. But before your head swells from the celestial accolades, you have the responsibility to the rest of us to practice loving-kindness and humility. No drama is welcomed in August. And you can't be the center of attention all the time. You can be both regal and subtle, restrained lions and lionesses. Think August 4, 1961. Why? Barack Obama was born. He's the quintessence of restrained and regal. Be Barack and you'll have a much greater and positive impact. You'll also get your ego stroked in healthier ways. Be of service, teach a class, adopt a rescue, spread your light. Venus, the planet of love and attraction hooks up with the Sun in Leo on August 14th. Let the Leonine magic love fest continue. The next day, the Full Moon in Aquarius lands in your 7th house of committed partnerships. You might find "the one" or selflessly decide to part ways. To those who are already coupled, your partner may need some TLC—give, don't receive. Dear Leo. On August 18th, the warrior planet Mars moves into Virgo and your 2nd house of cash, income, and worth. You likely already feel worthy, especially with all the birthday cheer; with that worthiness as ammo, focus on growing your talents and discovering new sources of income. The planets are aligned in support, so your quest won't be for naught. This 2-year cycle hangs around for just six weeks, so please get to work. August is the month to celebrate you, while you celebrate others, Leo. Cheers to a meaningful and balanced birthday!

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, August is a month of yin versus yang. Will you find the balance? Mercury, your CEO, is back from retrograde and ready for action. The monthly New Moon arrives in your 12th house of solitude, intuition, and spiritual transcendence. Your inner world is dancing in the shadows. Virgos are being called to slow down and relax. Take a vacation in your 12th house. Dear Virgo, the dog days of August provide a perfect excuse to rest and retreat. It's been a full year, and you really need a break. So, ditch the cell, set "out of office'" on your email signature to 'gone fishin'; fill up that Kindle with inspirational books, and disappear. if you don't heed my message immediately, just wait. Mercury, Venus, and Mars join together to force downtime in the first half of August. If you can't break away from work or family obligations, you must create R&R at home. Tune out and tune in to yourself. Ohmm.... Buy a new mediation cushion and sit. Commune with nature, swim in the sea, walk in the woods, or try forest bathing in silence. This is also an opportune time to soften and help others. Volunteer at a shelter, read to kids, support a local campaign. You are the quintessential sign of service. You know that helping others, especially when you're physically and mentally spent, is medicine for your soul. On August 15th, the Full Moon enters Aquarius, igniting your 6th house of health, work, and self-care. Tap into your inner tech-geek and download the latest self-help apps. Have you seen the Steaming Mirror workout? On August 18th, Mars, the planet of action, drive, and ambition enters Virgo for the next six weeks. Set your goals and get moving. August 21st finds Venus, the planet of love connecting with seductive Mars, in your 1st house. You'll be turning heads with confidence and sex appeal. What a month of contrasts! I promise, that with proper R&R this month, your health, work, and daily routine will stay in balance. That's some yin/yang, Virgo!

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, can you feel the love? This August, you will be giving and receiving much-needed affection after a challenging July. The New Moon in Leo highlights your 11th house of friendship, networking, and connections. Though always a social butterfly, Libra, it's time to widen your circle and step out of your comfort zone. Making new friends doesn't need to be complicated—just change up a few things in your daily routine. Instead of drive-through, show your face when grabbing the morning latte, talk to people in elevators. You never know who will hold the door again for you or throw you a second look. Look up from that cell phone or you may miss it! Colorful, engaging, and entertaining people are just waiting to be pulled into your orb. Leo won't let you slack off. Libra... You must share your skills and talents in return. Mashup your interests with the opportunity to meet people. Attend an ACLU event, join your local gardening community, or get involved with ending plastic waste. You may find your priorities magically shift as you hook up with fortunate allies or new romantic interests. On August 14th, your Goddess ruler Venus conjoins with the Sun, sparkling a new Venus cycle in Leo. It is a love fest which will last for 11 glorious months. They'll find love through your social circles, and friends, dear Libra. Start circulating. Add Mars and Mercury to the mix, nothing is getting in your way. Unlike our current political leadership, the celestial skies are working in tandem, so rejoice in the camaraderie. The month continues to get better when the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15th, illuminates your 5th house of creativity, imagination, and fun. It's the perfect time to envision what you still wish to accomplish in 2019—yes, you have plenty of time, but start by downloading a to-do-list app. Then invite your new friends over and share inspirations while blending ice-cold margaritas. On August 21st, Venus slides into Virgo, joining Mars in your 12th house of solitude. By now, you're likely "over" all the new people and they of you. So take a break from the manic socializing and spend a little alone time to revel in the silence. Drink what's left in the blender. Summer's nearly gone and you dear Libra, need to prep for the remaining months of 2019. Cheers to new friends and beckoning dreams!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Get out there, Scorpio! Sure, it’s the dog days of summer, but August is no time to stay inside. The month begins with a New Moon in the fiery sign of Leo, illuminating your 10th house of career, image, and public reputation. Ego could be your middle name when it comes to these areas of life. You crave to be seen and spotlighted professionally. There’s no sidelining a Scorpio. Well, you can thank your lucky stars—literally. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are lining up to infuse your work sector with positive, creative, breakthrough energy. What is your deepest professional passion? Public service? Dog walker? Inventive app? Mindfulness teacher? Travel writer? Whatever it may be, August is the time to take a risk and do what makes you happy. Life is short and the celestial skies are ripe with opportunity. Just be mindful of unnecessary drama in your transformation. Most likely, it’ll be you, Scorpio, as the instigator. Try the Law of Attraction, envision what you’d most love to do career-wise. Then plan like hell to make it happen! If you're looking for love, you are likely to meet a new crush through work, and even more, an incentive to make that change. On August 15th, the annual, full Aquarius moon falls into your sentimental house of home. You'll be so preoccupied with work that you may neglect life at home. If you do, there may no longer be one. Seriously, please practice balance. Schedule date night. Spend extra time with the kiddies. Consider a second pet to add even more fuzzy love. Mars, your head honcho, moves into Virgo on August 18th. I know you’re busy, but social connections and friendship call for attention. Widen your circle, volunteer at worthy causes, actually physically attend a meet-up event. Mars only shows up in this aspect of your chart every two years, Scorpio. This August, it’s all about growing, planning, and doing. Mash‘em up, Scorp, and just engage as you watch things come together!

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

Hit the road, Sag, but do come back, ok? The yearly New Moon in Leo, your ride or die, illuminates the wanderlust-driven 9th house. Embark upon a journey to find yourself and discover greater meaning in your life. Sag, as the Zodiac’s consummate gypsy, it’s time to satiate your restless soul. Grab that passport, sign-up for an immersive language course, pick a country you've always wanted to explore and get going. Leo is ready to help you find joy. And nothing makes your heart swoon more than gaining another stamp on your passport or meeting a brilliant thinker who expands your worldview. Add the support of Venus, Mars, and Mercury, and there’s nothing standing in the way of your August sojourn. I, a fellow seeker, wish I could live in the 9th house. Take me with you, will ya? If you are looking for love, you'll find it abroad or with someone from a different culture. On August 11th, your CEO and enthusiastic planet Jupiter concludes a 4-month retrograde. Can you feel the release? Seriously, Sag, whatever was stuck is now freed. On August 15th, the Full Moon in Aquarius lands in your 3rd house of learning, communication, and community. How perfectly aligned things are! Experiences, ideas, and new outlooks gained while away can now be put to good use. What’s more meaningful than giving back? Humanity? Service? We need you more than ever, Sag. Please think of ways to be of service. Get involved in the local community. Rally for the up and coming progressive candidate. Make a commitment to an international organization you discovered while abroad. Toward the month’s end, you will need to carve out time for your own career and money-making. The planets move into Virgo, and on August 18th, Mars, the planet of action and drive, also enters the detailed, analytical Virgo. Mars only visits this astrological area every 2 years, so think of the most productive ways to harness this ambitious energy. Wherever you go this month, please don’t stay away too long. Come back, dear Sag, ground yourself, and share with the world your newfound wisdom!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Hang a shingle on your door this month, Cap! When it comes to sex and money, you’re the go-to-sign in August. The month begins with a yearly New Moon in Leo activating the 8th house of secrets, intimacy, and finances. This is also the place where irrational fears and obsessions lie. Rest assured, Leo wants you to be happy, but definitely not crazed. August is a month of risk-taking, trust, and creativity. You just may need to serve as your own therapist, Cap! A cluster of planets, led by goddess Venus and warrior Mars, have descended themselves onto into your 8th house. So, let’s talk about sex. That shingle should double as a “do not disturb” sign. Sex will be steamy. Find a new lover or new ways of fun-loving with your current partner. Just expect to spend serious time between the sheets. Now, let's talk about money. The Aquarius Full Moon lands in your 2nd house of money and self-worth. You’re being challenged to think of ingenious money-making ideas. I’m not talking about anything illicit. Do be bold! Invest in the market now and cash will flow back to you. Download apps to help consider bitcoins, money shuffling, stock trading, and gifting.  As the zodiac’s wise counselor, you may also be advising friends about their own financial or intimacy issues. You’ll do it with humor and a sense of affection. On August 18th, Mars moves into your BFF, Virgo, the 9th house of travel, spirituality, and higher learning. Where do you want to go? Try not to be so serious, Capricorn. Yes, find some pursuits that add meaning, but also imbue them with a sense of curiosity and fun. This can also apply to the pursuits of your mind. The second half of August is calling you to seek fresh insights. So, if you develop new business in therapy (for yourself or others in your life), you can thank me later! Meanwhile, make sure that shingle is ready to go. We can all benefit from your sage advice, Cap.

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Aquarius, August is your month! It may go down in the books as “The Summer of Love” for you and fellow Aquarians. The yearly New Moon in Leo sashays into your 7th house of partnerships, both personal and business, at the start of the month. Alongside Leo, there’s Venus, sexy planet of feminine love, joining forces with Mars, sultry planet of masculine drive. It’s like the stuff of an erotic, romance novel. Mercury, Mr. Communicator among the stars, cools things off in your soiree of the 7th house. But is it still hot in here? Okay, this is really all about love with a capital “L.” Express yourself to the peeps you care for the most. Remember that the “love you give is the love you’ll receive” in August. So, be generous. Being the weird Aquarius, you can even tell your Starbucks barista or Uber driver that you love them and sound sincere. If you're single, get out there and mingle. What are you waiting for—‘tis the summer of love! Those partnered, rekindle your spark and fall in love all over again. I think I’ll go searching for an Aquarius this month! When it comes to business partnerships, infuse fun and levity. Think about the work culture at places like Google or Apple and mirror it! Your yearly Full Moon occurs on August 15th. Spotlight’s now on you, dear Aquarius. While most of the attention has been on partners, now it’s your turn to relish in the love! The planets shift on the 18th when Mars enters Virgo in your 8th house of intimacy, sex, and money. You should have the first two already covered. Make sure the money is flowing, too, or take stock of your finances. Venus, where cash is king, follows on the 21st, providing even more incentive to get your money in order. I love you, Aquarius, now say it back, please!

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

Pisces, it's time to get serious about work and health. The yearly New Moon in Leo starts off the month in your 6th house of self-care, work, pets, and the daily grind. Good news: you've got Leo ruling this area. Leo is all about spreading love, creativity, and joy. Only a Pisces will throw out the trash while singing a favorite song. You embody the famous mindfulness quote, “wherever you go, there you are,” managing to find happiness in the mundane. I’m sure that the weed helps too, cough. On a deeper level, the 6th house is the one of alchemy, transforming all into a magical elixir. Do you want to turn your life into gold or to dust? Venus, the planet of love, along with the warrior planet Mars, have convened in this area of your chart. They are spreading bold, creative, love-inspired energy. This month, skip the gym and go dancing! Try 5Rhythms, a dynamic movement practice which ignites inspiration. Laugh therapy? Sounds a lot more fun than lifting weights. Your self-care routine also needs a joyful rehab. Make those annual doctor appointments, practice discipline in eating and drinking, and check yourself for ticks—it’s summertime after all. Pisces, are you happy at work? Leo energy wants you to love what you do. Take inventory of your skills set—can you apply them to a job? Remember, you have magical and transformative power working for you this month. Single Pisces, look no further than your laugh yoga class or the doctor’s waiting room to find new love. Partnered Pisces, start a fun health routine together, with the emphasis on fun! The Full Moon of August 15th lands in Aquarius, igniting your 12th house of retreat. Part of the self-care program is to take time out. Try a weekend retreat or volunteer at your local Humane Society. Do service work—it will balance out the self-focus. On the 18th, personal planets Venus and Mars move into your opposite, Virgo. Then Mars, the planet of sex, drive, and courage enters Virgo, lighting up your 7th house of partnerships. Mars only hits this area of your chart every two years, so please don't blow this chance to find your other half, Pisces. I’m talking commitment time in either your romantic or business partnerships. This theme of love and partnerships continues for another month. Woohoo! Let’s drink, in moderation, of course, to that, dear Pisces!


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