Hooking Up: A Primer

She’s baaaaaaaaack. Pam Ann, the world’s sauciest stewardess, is no stranger to the intricacies of a one-night stand. In this edition of our ongoing advice segment, she tackles your questions head-on, as only she can...

What's the best way to suggest a one-night stand?
Wear no knickers, lift your skirt, and bend over to pick up an imaginary object. If that doesn’t work, reach for a banana, make eye contact, and improvise.

What should you always keep handy during a one-night stand?
A getaway plan!

Your place, their place, or neutral territory?
Anywhere that’s flat.

What’s something nice to offer your one-night stand guest?
A strong cocktail and a long kiss on the ...

You’ve forgotten your partner/ partners’ names ... what do you do?
Just call them ‘Darling,’ ‘Handsome,’ or ‘Gorgeous.’ Usually works.

Best way to bring a one-night stand to an end?
Start weaving Uber into the conversation.

You run into your one-night stand a year later in a work setting ... what do you do?
Pull out a banana!

Pam Ann's Indispensable Travel Tips right this way...

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