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Gaga for Tata Harper

When it comes to beauty au natural, skincare guru Tata Harper takes matters 100 percent seriously. Her eponymous beauty line (available at The Standard Spa Miami Beach is comprised of all-natural ingredients (no chemicals here!) many of which are homegrown on her farm in Vermont. In Miami recently to give her signature facial, we talked to Tata about clear skin, Miami, and why it’s good to be green.

STANDARD CULTURE: What made you venture out to create your own skincare line?
TATA HARPER: I felt that there was a gap in the market. There was no luxurious, results-driven skincare line that was 100 percent natural for real. I couldn't find this anywhere in the world, so I made it myself.

If you had to choose one must-have product from the line, which one would it be?
Our Rejuvenating Serum because it's a complete anti-aging collagen treatment that repairs and stimulates our own natural collagen production, and it's super concentrated. This product is really a win-win every way you look at it.

What is the key to clear skin?
The trick is to stay on top of the production of dead skin – which happens naturally every day – with daily exfoliation. Dead skin causes blemishes and dullness. Clear skin reflects an internal balance, too — if you're diet isn't right, or you don't drink enough water or are too stressed, your skin will reflect that.

Seeing as you grow your own ingredients on Julius Kingdom, the Harper family farm, your brand is also sustainable. Why is this notion important to you?
Sustainability is the future of business. Businesses need to start taking responsibility for their actions and the effects they have on the environment.

You live in Champlain Valley, Vermont but hail from Barranquilla, Colombia. What do you miss most about your country?
I miss my family. My sisters and parents are all there and I try to visit at least twice a year as we're all really close. Besides that, I miss the food!

It's your day off — quick! — what are you doing?
I'm at the beach with my kids for a picnic in the sun!

What do you adore most about visiting Miami?
The heat, the music, the vibrant culture and visiting old friends. It's such a change from our snowy farm in Vermont!

Schedule a facial at The Standard Spa with your choice of Tata Harper, Biologique Récherche or Astara Skin Care.

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