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Learning & Coexisting with Exchange Program

At our Sesame Projects Garden Market at The Standard, East Village, one initiative grabs the spotlight with style and purpose: Exchange Program. Exchange Program operates on the hunch that we all know what it’s like to be the new person in the room, and all the complex emotions that entails. They believe—as we do at The Standard—in the power of elementary conversations to give way to sharing personal histories. Getting to know each other better is what we’re all about, and Exchange Program’s multifaceted mission helps collaborators break the ice.

The result is a brand that finds inspiration in the discomfort of unfamiliarity and the intersection of seemingly contrasting cultures. In addition to offering fab streetwear (featuring some bold colors and clever typography), designs connect shoppers to Exchange Program’s larger mission: teaching one another about cultural cross-pollination and the ethos of teacher and student. 

Exchange Program’s exciting new addition to the Sesame Projects Garden Market highlights the richness and breadth of culture presented at The Standard, East Village through our enduring partnership. Whether you pop by to grab some swag or learn a little bit more about diverse makers and creators, it’s a moment we look forward to all summer.

Most of all, Exchange Program invites collaborators (individuals, creative entities, and other brands) to introduce their backgrounds, points-of-view and culture to each collab: through products, visuals and experiences. When visions clash and culture is exchanged, everybody comes away learning something new.


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