Stan D'Arde

DESTINATION 2013: Shelter Island

By the time April comes around, I'm so pale and white you can see my internal organs. It's not very attractive. So I end up counting the days until I can lay on a beach and soak up the sun like a hot sweaty martini. Don't worry. I have no idea what 'hot sweaty martini' means either. MOVING ON.

Today, I'm very excited to let you know that my favorite summer home away from my other summer home, Sunset Beach, has officially opened today! This year, our little 22 room hotel on a secluded stretch of Crescent Beach on Shelter Island is ready for you.

For those of you who I see there every weekend, I'm looking forward to another season. For the rest of you who have never been there, I can't tell you what you're missing. From our St. Tropez inspired menu via Chef Mark Zeitouni, to this year's, not one but TWO, new André Balazs rosés, we've got you covered. I bought new ping pong tables for the fire pit, and I had them spruce up the vineyard for more intimate dinners. I even had them put in some new water closets (that means restrooms for all you non-Euros) near the pétanque courts.

Don't forget to make a reservation for the hotel or restaurant before you get there! I can't be the only one putting the tan in Stan.


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