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Crystal Sonic Healing

It’s no secret music beholds curative powers, and this is precisely the intent behind our holistic haven’s freshly minted Crystal Sonic Healing treatments and event. Featuring live crystal bowls, bring yourself to a deep state of relaxation as melodic music sifts through the air. When the bowls are played in a binaural beat set, it will generate specific types of brainwave entertainment — from meditation to relaxation to focus and concentration.

1111 Vibes Founder Andrew Clark says, “The harmonious power of vibration elevates the body into the natural flow of gravity to cleanse and heal with the guiding force of this unified state. Sound waves stream through like a sonic quickening that integrates the body and clears the mind for an experience that is truly beyond words.”

Choose from two novel treatments — Crystal Sonic Healing or Crystal Sonic Massage. Both feature live crystal bowls where guests can sit back and relax through the transformative journey. Both treatments promise to clear both the mind and body of stress.

For a brush with Healing Artist Andrew, join us as we host a Crystal Sonic Healing Sound Bath evening led by Andrew himself on February 8th from 6 to 8 p.m. Taking place in the Yoga Studio, join him as he raises a vortex of pure vibration with magical results. Guests will leave healed — both inside and out — with lasting results.

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