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A Hypnotic Chat with Omar Hassam

You've heard of hypnosis – a man on stage making people disrobe, the black and white spiral thingy – but did you know hypnosis can be used for more than just parlor tricks and smoking cessation? Carol Shaw, celebrity makeup artist & founder of Lorca makeup, swore to NY Mag that hypnosis cleared her cystic acne. So, with Hypnotic Weekend just around the corner (starting August 31st) we found it only fitting to chat with our visiting hypnotist, Omar Hassam. Omar and fellow hypnotist A.J. Puedan explain their methods.

Describe Hypnotic Weekend for those not-in-the-know:
Hypnotic Weekend isn’t just about learning, it’s about programming and making a change in the moment. It will be rejuvenating and recalibrating — whether you are already on fire in your life and need a break to relax, or you know you want more in your life and you need to re-strategize — it will assist you.

So, how does it all work?
I utilize a mixture of specialized techniques — neuro-associative conditioning, nuero-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioral therapy, and gestalt therapy — to create a personalized and tailored program to evoke a quality of lingering groundedness and empowerment. The tools used in hypnosis aim to strip away both conscious and unconscious patterns of thought that create limiting beliefs.

Sounds interesting...How are we going to feel when it's all over?
Along with being inspired, you will walk away with expanded possibilities, opportunities, and positive habits to take action now!

What is the greatest misconception about hypnosis?
That it is mind control. Hypnosis is not about giving up your power or your control. The hypnotist’s role is to help you navigate the tricky terrain of the internal realm. As a hypnotist, I have the client’s best interest at heart and am there as a support and guide for the journey of transformation.

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