The Library Lounge

Am I The Drama? with Self Space

Am I The Drama? with Self Space

Do you find yourself asking these same questions over and over? 

Am I trauma-dumping? Am I love-bombing? Am I gaslighting? Am I actively listening? Am I emotionally unavailable? Am I benching? Am I respecting boundaries? Am I ghosting? 


More often than not, we are taught to look at other people to make us happy. This means that we tend to look at other people's qualities and flaws with a hyperfocused lens. However, do we pay the same attention to ourselves and what we bring to relationships? What and how much do we contribute to the emotional connections in our lives? What gets in the way of meaningful bonding, reflection, and personal change?

This hour-long conversation pre-V-day event in The Library Lounge at The Standard, London will be hosted by Jodie Cariss, founder of Self Space, and Ryan Campinho Valadas, Psychosexual Therapist. 

Tickets are £5 & all revenue from ticket sales will be donated to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). 

Please note that seating is not guaranteed and is available on a first-come basis. 

Monday 13th February, 7pm


About Self Space

Self Space is the first on-demand therapy service of the highstreet, offering access to over 100 therapists with no waitlists, no consultations, seven days a week, in person across London and Manchester and nationwide online. Founded by therapists Jodie Cariss and Chance Marshall, Self Space's mission is to normalise access to mental health support, creating spaces that are visible on the highstreet and as everyday as grabbing a coffee or going to the gym. In the past two years Self Space have supported over 40k clients in session alongside their B2B work with over 120 leading businesses including Huel, CALM, and Netflix, supporting their staff with therapy sessions and mental health workshops. Founders Jodie and Chance published their debut book with Penguin in 2022, titled How To Grow Through What You Go Through, putting their concept of 'Mental Maintenance' into action, helping readers to embrace their messy selves and care for their mental health proactively before things get difficult.

Jodie Cariss (MA, HCPC, BADTh, TIHR) is the founder of Self Space, a Therapist with over 18 years experience in the field and a Tavistock trained executive coach. Jodie's experience is vast, starting in the education sector supporting marginalised young people to running creative burnout retreats for professionals. Jodie has fast become a leading voice advocating for accessible mental health support. She is the co- author of How to Grow Through What You Go Through, published by Penguin in 2022 and regularly contributes to panel talks, podcasts and media titles such as Stylist Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and The Times. Jodie is also one half on the men's mental health podcast 'I'm Okay Though', alongside music producer Owen Cutts. Prior to training as a therapist, Jodie was a TV and hosted popular tv shows including Fort Boyard For Challenge, Milkshake, The Core and spent three years as a wildlife presenter (she was also sadly the most featured presenter on 'It shouldn’t happen to a wildlife presenter!).

Ryan is a queer-identifying and queer-affirming therapist Integrative Psychosexual Therapist. His therapeutic approach is flexible, compassionate, and reflective. He is interested in the influence of social and cultural dynamics in our lives, and uses this framework to support others in finding clarity and relief from overwhelming anxieties and pressures. Ryan has worked with substance misuse, trauma, adult and children’s mental health, giving him a well-rounded understanding of a person’s lifespan. His main intention is to facilitate people in building better connections to their identities, desires, relationships, and life journeys.