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Vive le Hollywood

Did you know the only people who call it Bastille Day are un-chic English speakers? En France, the fourteenth of July is known as Quatorze Juillet, which means "the fourteenth of July." The day's official name is La Fête Nationale or "National Celebration." It marks the anniversary of the French Revolution, which among other things, set the nation of France on its path towards its destiny with first lady Carla Bruni. And this is something to celebrate indeed, so... last Sunday The Standard, Hollywood celebrated Quatorze Juillet with a pool party hosted by André Saraiva and Kitsuné. The pool deck was adorned with French flags. Our staff donned jaunty red scarves. Berets were worn in the pool, and we served a special menu of French picnic food. All we have left to say is...

Vive le Roi! Vive la République!

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