Tara Stiles, Miami loves you!

(STRONG Bayside Yoga with Tara Stiles)

You know how it is when you’re so hyped up about someone or something that you question how great they really could be? Well you better believe the hype when it comes to the lovely Tara Stiles. The Standard, Miami fell in love with Tara and it was clear why she has such a devout fan club. Tara’s classes were full of her Strala devotees and Miami locals - some fans even drove several hours to attend Tara’s dynamic classes.

In addition to the beautiful poolside yoga video Tara filmed a couple other awesome videos over the weekend - Take Care of Yourself First and How Yoga Works ! And did you see the the video’s from The Standard, Hollywood ? Lately we’ve been hooked to Tara Eats too… if we could only get her in the kitchen with Chef Mark (hint, hint). Stay tuned for dates of Tara Stiles next retreat at The Standard … coming soon!

(Tara Stiles chilling at The Standard Miami)

(Tara Stiles and Chef Mark Zeitouni)

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