Saaidh Badheeu Shows Us How He Gets Sketchy

Let us paint you a picture. An ocean breeze, a brush in hand, a blank canvas, and you. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? For Saaidh Badheeu, it’s an everyday scene. 

The Malé-based, self-taught artist has become synonymous with his depictions of Maldivian nature. Luckily for us, he’ll be hosting an exhibition alongside a week of classes and workshops at The Standard, Maldives.

From May 2-8, 2022, Saaidh will be taking his talents to our resort as part of Go Deep Blue — a little campaign we’ve put together in celebration of manta season and the Maldivian seascape that sits at our doorstep. 

There will be works for sale, inspiring classes, and many manta excursions to embark on. But first, read along as we uncover how Saaidh gets sketchy in the Maldives.

What inspired you to become a painter? 

I have always enjoyed creating art. Funnily enough, I remember seeing an ad on TV about “Live Art”, and it inspired me to become a full-time artist. After that, I started to watch tutorials and practiced daily to hone in on my skills. Now, I get to make a living out of something I am genuinely passionate about. 

What does being an artist mean to you?

Being an artist makes me feel alive. It allows me to express myself in a creative manner, and in my own style. Better yet, I get to inspire others through my art pieces. 

What do you dream of accomplishing as an artist? 

I would love to open my own studio and work on projects internationally. 

What influences your work?

Nature — especially the underwater wonders found in the Maldives. I am so blessed to be surrounded by beauty here, from what sits above the ground to what lies beneath the surface. 

What can we expect from your collaboration with The Standard, Maldives? 

First of all, a lot of fun and art! Both kids and adults will have lots of fun and at the same time, nourish and replenish their creative spirit. They will learn new styles and techniques while creating beautiful paintings influenced by the nature that surrounds The Standard, Maldives. 

Want to learn more about Saaidh’s classes and workshops? 

Tap this link: Get Sketchy with Saaidh Badheeu

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