Le Bain

Maurice Fulton's Good Feeling

Get in the mood for visionary producer and DJ Maurice Fulton as he brings his magic back to Le Bain on Saturday, March 3rd.
Rhye's "The Fall" (Maurice Fulton Alt remix, 2013)
Róisín Murphy's "House Of Glass" (Maurice Fulton remix, 2015)
Kathy Diamond's "All Woman" (produced by Maurice Fulton, 2006)
Maurice Fulton's "You Give Me Good Feeling" (1998)
Syclops' "Jump Bugs" (produced by Maurice Fulton, 2013)
Mu's "Paris Hilton" (produced by Maurice Fulton, 2006)
On Saturday, March 3rd, Le Bain presents Maurice Fulton
6-hour extended set | 10pm | The Standard, High Line

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