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PREVIEW: Kyle Hall's New Album 'From Joy'

Detroit wunderkind Kyle Hall returns to Le Bain's skyline Friday, April 1st. Get ready for it with a preview of his latest album and must-have record 'From Joy.'
Discreet producer Kyle Hall gives rare interviews, but that doesn't mean he has nothing to say. The motivation behind his latest album was clearly formulated: "We as people tend to be at our most honest and present in our childhood. From Joy serves as a mechanism and reminder to return to one's youthful, energetic state."
Preview of Kyle Hall's From Joy 

Did it work out well? Listen to the preview above, read The FADER's interview and Pitchfork's raving review, and you may find yourself ordering From Joy, a must-have vinyl record that will not be available on Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal. 

"For Kyle Hall, looking back was a way forward," writes The FADER. "Detroit producer Kyle Hall invokes the jazz lineage of both his family and his city as a way of injecting a youthful and energetic outlook into the present."
"From Joy's" artwork by James Grady
"From Joy, imbued with the past but not overly reverent of it, is Hall cashing in on the prodigious talent glimpsed in his prior work. It's tempting to hold it up as a capital-letter statement, a totem of his hometown. It's equally tempting, and probably healthier, to spin it back and delight in its abundance." (Pitchfork

On Friday, April 1st,
Le Bain presents Kyle Hall and Kai Alce.

Doors open at 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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