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Kenny Larkin's Life Forms

New York's rising talent, Lawrence Lee, shares his three favorite records by Kenny Larkin before he joins the legendary Detroit artist in Le Bain's booth on Friday, June 4th.
"My Travels" (Warp Records, 1994)
Very soulful and heartfelt. A tearjerker, but always leaves you feeling hopeful.

"Lifeforms" (Buzz, 1992)
It's funky and futuristic with such perfect percussion, and the lead sounds like aliens talking to each other in space. What's not to like?
"ESP" (Warp Records, 1994)
An unstoppable momentum. Seems pretty simple, but stays constantly shifting in subtle ways. The palette of textures is really great. 
Lawrence Lee
On Friday, June 4th, Le Bain presents 
Kenny Larkin (Detroit) and 
Lawrence Lee (Safer At Night | Parka Records)
Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

Header photo by Neil Aline

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