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Valentine's Hearts & Hard Ons

On Thursday, February 14th, Susanne Bartsch celebrates Valentine's Day with a BOOM, filling up the 18th floor of the Standard, High Line with love and sexiness. As a teaser, the BOOM babes tell us what give them "Hearts and Hard Ons".
Candy Warhol
Heart? femme bottoms.
Hard on? femme tops.
Heart? F***ing Germans.
Hard on? Ethel Merman

Kyle Farmery
Heart? Makeup.
Hard on? Making out.
Blair Jirousek
Heart? Money.
Hard on? Shopping. 
Heart? Italian food.
Hard on? Italians! 
Eli Escobar
Heart? Donna Summer โ€œCould It Be Magic".
Hard on? Taana Gardner โ€œWhen You Touch Meโ€.

"Heart? Gift Cards. Hard on? Credit Cards."โ€“Mazurbate

Heart? Chicken.
Hard on? Cock.
Satanic Barbie
Heart? Assassinating Fuckboys.
Hard on? Assassinating Fuckboys
Radical Pomm 
Heart? Champagne ๐Ÿฅ‚
Hard on? Chanelโ€™s & Checks.
Heart? myself.
Hard on? my cohosts for BOOM!
Jacopo Olmo
Heart? Everything made with coconut.
Hard on? Unique and talented people.
Dirty Martini
Heart? Dogs of Instagram.
Hard on? People with talent.

Thursday, February 14th, Susanne Bartsch presents
BOOM! Valentine's Day

10pm | The Standard High Line


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