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Kitsuné's Revolution

LE BAIN: Aux Armes, et cetera! Let’s say Kitsuné is commissioned by the French President François Hollande to produce a new version of La Marseillaise. Who would you put on the job?
GILDAS LOAEC: Nice one! Let’s say Yelle because she's a woman and she's French. La Marseillaise is a patriotic, revolutionary war song, and she will make it sound groovy...plus a guest spot from our NY based duo Beau - that would sound lovely.

Beau One Wing (Kitsuné)

Would Kitsuné keep the tradition of a Military Parade on the Champs Elysées?
Sure, we would keep the Military Parade! 14th of July wouldn't be 14th of July without the Bleu Blanc Rouge French Acrobatic Patrol known as Patrouille de France - a classic over there! We would do a little twist on soldier's uniforms: since we're in Paris, the fashion capital of the world, the soldiers would wear Valentino or A Bathing Ape camouflage.

What would be the colors of the French flag as re-designed by Kitsuné?
We've already redesigned the French flag with Kitsuné - we made the tricolor Kitsuné fox patch!

The Bleu Blanc Rouge Fox Patch

Where would you celebrate your perfect Kitsuné’s ‘Bal Des Pompiers’?
I love the little fire station in Rue Blanche in Paris. It's going to get wild there on the 14th of July!

Tuesday, July 14th, Le Bain presents Kitsuné Special Bastille Day. Music by Chordashian, Antoine Karl, Hart & Air Zaïre. Doors 5pm. The Standard, High Line.

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