Your July 2018 Horoscope

The Standard Spa, Miami Beach’s in-house astrologer, Lori Bell, did you a solid and laid out your month ahead. Thank her in person when you see her around the property, and book an appointment to go deeper into your astrological chart. (If you're not in Miami, she does readings via phone, too!)

The biggest takeaway: July is the most intense month of 2018 thanks to two significant eclipses. It's going to be hot, volatile, unpredictable, and disruptive. Expect earthquakes, upheaval, and social outrage. Yaaaaaay. 

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19)

You're kicking off July in slowww mo. With your ruler, Mars, missing in action since its retrograde, you may not feel like your passionate self. July is a busy month with two eclipses—think a new moon and full moon on steroids. On July 13th, we have a solar eclipse activating your 4th house, highlighting home, family, and hearth. Hang out, nest, and pay a visit to your family. It's critical that you balance your home life with work life. Just be mindful of your short fuse, Aries! And know that you may feel extra frustrated this month. The full moon eclipse on July 27th is a big one; the moon is conjunct with Mars, residing in your 11th house of goals and like-minded groups. Why not use your pent up energy to get political? Join a cause. We need your fire and leadership dear Aries.  Make it a meaningful month! 

Taurus (Apr 20-May 20)

Taurus, get loud! It's time to grab a drink or buy some edibles because July is rocking and rolling with two significant eclipses. Think of a new and full moon, only 1,000 times stronger. On July 13th, a solar eclipse enters into your 3rd house of Cancer, shining the spotlight on communication, community, and vocalizing. Socialize with your best friends and siblings. Call your representatives, get involved in local politics, and have that voice of yours heard! Do it for meaningful change. July 27th ushers the intense full moon eclipse into your 10th house of career. Don't freak. Instead, focus on what you want to change, shift, and renew. You're not keen on change, but you cannot stay stuck in sameness. So breathe, speak, up, and dream big. It will all work out. 

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Grab your passport, Gemini—it's vacation time! On July 13th, a new moon eclipse activates your 2nd house of money, baby! You feel much more secure when the money is flowing in. The good news is that this energy lasts for over a year. With Pluto is in the mix, invest that money properly. Be smart, Gemini, and don't blow all your money. The full moon eclipse of the year is on July 27th in Aquarius, and it falls into your 9th house of travel, different cultures, learning, and philosophies. You are the most curious sign of the zodiac, so instead of being on social media 24/7, study, travel, and expand your world. Your Instagram page will look a lot more interesting. Cheers to summer, Gemini!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Happy birthday! The universe is gifting you with a solar eclipse in Cancer on July 13th for your birthday. For those of you born between July 7th and 17th, the eclipse is directly on your sun, a rare occasion which happens every 19 years. It’s time to reveal the best parts of you, Cancer. No pouting, and try not to be too moody. You've got it going on. Your presence and your personality need to come forward. No more hiding out, Cancer—the world is waiting for you.    

On July 27th, the full moon eclipse is heating up your 8th house of sex, money, and intimacy. Get naughty, Cancer, because this celestial alignment is a rare occurrence. Deepen your intimate relationships, your love is needed. Shine bright, have ton's of sex, and manage your cash. What a summer!  

Leo (July 23-Aug 22)

Don't be mad, attention-loving Leo; be quiet…. A solar eclipse (more like a new moon with superhero powers) arrives on July 13th. It enters into your 12th house of Cancer. Leo, its time for solitude. You've got to learn to love yourself by yourself. This July, spend time alone and get comfortable just being. Have no audience, no adulations, and no praise for a change. I promise you've got this! Go, volunteer, find a retreat, hide out for a few weeks. It will refresh and restore your online soul. July 27th ushers in the significant, badass full moon eclipse of 2018. It will seriously activate your 7th house of committed partnerships and business partnerships. Things may even get messy and contentious if you haven't learned to compromise, a familiar theme for you. Focus instead on flexibility; let go and flow.  Breathe through the potential mess, especially for those of you breaking up. And always take the high road, Leo; you are still too regal for pettiness.  

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 22)

Virgo, your highest virtue is to be of service. A new moon solar eclipse enters the sign of Cancer on July 13th, bringing amazing opportunities to focus on higher causes and your community. This eclipse activates your 11th house of goals, your tribe, and shared vision. Think about ways to make a difference. Go volunteer, register neighbors to vote, and participate in activities where you're giving back. The second eclipse on July 27th is a full moon packing amped-up power. Take advantage. With Aquarius in your 6th house, you can pamper yourself on breaks from service! Add Mars in retrograde and a full moon eclipse since June 26th and it's all about self-care. Take the time to eat well, exercise, and enjoy precious pets. Please, dear Virgo, do not go overboard. Be sensible. No fad diets or insane workouts. Be disciplined, but keep it real. By the end of summer, you'll be feeling fabulous. And everyone around, from family to friends to co-workers, will be grateful for your service! 

Libra (Sep 23-Oct 22)

Libra, July wants you to shake things up and maybe even throw off your signature love of balance! The solar eclipse on July 13th (think a new moon but 1,000 times stronger!) activates your house of career. Growth time, Libra. Go for it. This could mean a promotion, brand new career, or infusing fresh energy into your current job. Don't fret; you don't have to forsake the balance you seek. Just make sure to maintain harmony at home during the career shifts. The most intense full moon on the year falls on July 27th. This affects your 5th house of romance, creativity, kids, and joy. This is the good stuff, so tune in and reawaken these aspects of your life. You may rekindle an old romance, take a photography class, or find outlets for your creativity. While your professional life takes off, have fun and be willing to tip those scales out of normal equilibrium, Libra!

Scorpio (Oct 23-Nov 21)

Fly away, Scorpio. It's vacation time for you, and boy do you need it! The solar eclipse of July 13th (think of a new moon with a zillion times more power) lands in your house of travel, learning, cultures, and philosophy. It's the ideal time to travel somewhere you've never been; give into that wanderlust spirit. Also think about enrolling in a class, studying something new, or learning a new language. Just make sure to expand your worldview. At the end of the month, you'll have to deal with your family or the place you call home.  On July 27th, the intense full moon eclipse is in your 4th house of home, family, roots, and security. Scorpio, you've got these and family issues coming up, and you must go and tend to them. No more avoidance behavior. Mars is conjunct to the Moon, adding an extra layer of emotional angst. Take this period as an opportunity to heal and connect on an authentic level. It's hard for you to forget and heal old wounds.  Please, Scorpio, do try your best to let go, surrender, and lighten the load. You are the most potent sign of the zodiac. Harness it wisely. 

Sagittarius (Nov 22-Dec 21)

It is going to be a hot, messy, and sexy July for you, Sag. July 13th ushers in a solar eclipse, which is essentially a new moon on steroids. It lands in your house of sex, money, and intimacy. How perfect! This energy lasts for over a year. So while there can be lots of sex, open yourself up to greater intimacy, too. That will make the sex even hotter! It's an excellent time to invest your money, Sag. Make it work for you. That is, if you haven't blown it all already!

The full moon eclipse on July 27th falls in your 3rd house, shining the spotlight on your attitude, mind, learning, and writing. A community is also calling for your attention. Sag, you are a defender of the truth and injustices. With your torch held high, get involved in a campaign, register people to vote, call your representatives. Sagittarius, you are the most optimistic sign of the zodiac. Inspire us with your positive actions—we could all benefit from it!

Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 19)

Love and money, Capricorn, are all you need right now, and both are coming your way. On July 13th, a solar eclipse enters your 7th house of committed relationships. This love energy lasts for over a year. Seize it. But you're going to have to loosen grips on being the control freak. It doesn't serve well in relationships. For single Caps, new love is on the horizon if you stay open. For those of you already partnered up, love just gets better and deeper.  

A full moon eclipse enters your 2nd house of resources, cash, and self-worth on July 27th. You've got way too much of your self-worth entangled with money, Capricorn. Your integrity, hard work, and practical wisdom are worth much more than your bank account. Use this energy to create new ways of generating income. Think outside the box about revenue streams that truly tap into your talents. It's time to invest in yourself. By the end of the summer, you may be in love and have money just flowing in. Imagine that, Capricorn! Can I be you?

Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Reinvent yourself, Aquarius! Why not? You're the rebel who’s hell-bent on living in your authentic and sometimes weird way. This month, think about how you want to show up and present yourself to the world. Two eclipses give you the perfect opportunity. The solar eclipse of July 13th, like a new moon except a trillion times stronger, lands in your 6th house. This calls for reinvention in areas of health, pets, and work. Improve your eating habits. Maybe even try a meal delivery service. Adopt a precious, new pet and be amazed at the nurturance you'll gain. Massage and acupuncture? Book 'em. Life or business coach? Hire one! It's all about you and commitment to excellent self-care. You'll need it for July 27th when the full moon eclipse occurs in your sign. Along with Mars going retrograde, it's vital to your happiness, Aquarius, that you find expression in unique and reinvented ways. The rest of us cannot wait to follow your lead. 

Pisces (Feb 19-Mar 20)

It’s a complicated month for you, Pisces. July starts off on a light note with a solar eclipse in your 5th house of romance, creativity, and summer fun! Indulge in it and get involved in whatever feels inspiring! At the end of the month, a full moon eclipse enters your 12th house. This potent eclipse energy shifts the focus inward, Pisces. The 12th house is one of seclusion. It's a time to contemplate your navel and find inspiration from deep inside. Reflect, find a guru, go on retreat, join a meditation group, get lost in the woods. This should feel familiar as spacing out is often an hourly occurrence for you, Pisces. While searching for your guru in India or participating in that ayahuasca ceremony, don't get so lost that you can't find your way back home. We need you around! As the most empathetic sign of the zodiac, we desperately need your kindness now.  

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