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One of the symptoms of the tech-obsessed times in which we live is the need to know a little something about just about everything, from the latest on-demand shows to current events to culture in all forms. To help you out, we threw ourselves headlong into the New Museum’s Triennial and selected eight artists whose work (we think) embodies the essence of the exhibition and is not to be missed, so you can be all, “Oh yeah, the one who builds replicas of underground bunkers! Love his work.”

“Surround Audience” is on view Feb. 25th – May 24th, 2015 at the New Museum.

1. DIS
Founded 2010, New York, NY
Subversive collective making conceptual critical interventions across media with a dark absurdist bent.

2. Sascha Braunig
b. 1983, lives and works in Portland, ME
Yale MFA painter whose semi-figurative works integrate abstraction and patterns to hint at feminist themes.

3. Geumhyung Jeong
b. 1980, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea

Poignant, wrenching human/machine interactions.

4. Ed Atkins
b. 1982, lives and works in London, UK
Disturbing, dematerialized CG avatars in eerie digital spaces that toy with the relationship between the physical and the digital world.

5. Firenze Lai
b. 1984, lives and works in Hong Kong, China
Haunting, dreamlike figurative paintings that allude to personal and social themes.

6. Shelly Nadashi
b. 1981, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Everyday interactions rendered absurd by a puppet that questions the value of its own performance.

7. Li Liao
b. 1982, lives and works in Shenzhen, China

Pointedly monotonous video
and performance art addressing the effects of the global market economy.

8. Eloise Hawser
b. 1985, lives and works in London, UK
Meticulous, ghostly reconfigurations of industrial materials.

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