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Music can make or break a yoga class. In fact, great beats can get yogis in tune with their flow and keep them motivated and more graceful when it comes to one’s movements. Not to mention, vibrational harmony is essential to cellular health. The Standard Spa, Miami Beach has whipped up a series of music and yoga classes to inspire and center you.

We spoke to Dawn B, DJ Drez, Guara Vani, Cristal Gould and DJ Nena who will all be participating in our music and yoga classes for further insight.

Dawn, how does music relate to yoga?
Music has a rhythm, measure or beat which helps to establish a rhythm of practice that transcends our natural tendency to arbitrarily speed up or slow down our practice. It creates a beautiful background and foundation for the class.

Guara, what is your take on adding music to yoga?
Almost everyone in the West who practices yoga knows only the asana, or physical form of the practice. The Yoga of Sound is an important and often unincorporated arm of the ancient tradition of yoga. Using mantra music offers yoga practitioners a direct link to the source and substance of the yoga tradition, mantras are known as the soul.

Cristal, some may argue music distracts the yoga practice. How do you walk this fine line?
A live DJ set during yoga class can be a beautiful thing, as long as the DJ compliments the instructor's vision for the class. Spinning out tunes definitely bumps the energy up a notch.

DJ Nena, what will you be spinning for your upcoming class at The Standard?
Magic glittering deep beats!

For March Yoga & DJ schedule and to register click here ….

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