Q&A: FaceGym's Got Us Glowing from London to New York

It’s time to get blissed out, baby! We’re linking up with our friends at FACEGYM to throw in a Signature Sculpt treatment (+ complimentary massage booster) with your stay this summer. 

With past lives as a beauty columnist and spa consultant, FACEGYM founder Inge Theron knows a thing or two about travel and wellness hacks. We chatted her up to hear her inspiration behind the game-changing skin routine that took the beauty world by storm, and what she has her eye on next. 

We’re unlocking FACEGYM x The Standard stays at our East Village and London properties all summer long — indulge in your skin reset here.

FACEGYM made waves when it first opened in 2011 for its refreshing take on skincare and now has 13 locations worldwide. What was the biggest challenge you faced with introducing such a new concept to the industry?

The education element was huge and still is! I want people to realize that the face muscles are the same as the muscles in your body, you need to adopt a facial fitness routine just like you do in the gym for your body to see fantastic results. I’ve had naysayers brush this off as a gimmick but there are over 40 ‘forgotten’ muscles in the face to be honed and toned! I worked with every expert imaginable from scientists, biohackers and holistic therapists to physiotherapists, doctors, scientific formulators and tool technologists to make the FACEGYM dream a reality and create workouts that really do make a difference. Once you’ve experienced the FACEGYM effect yourself, you start to really understand the relationship between muscles and skin.


Much like the spaces at The Standard, design plays a major role in the guest experience at FACEGYM. What was your inspo behind curating the sleek vibe of your studios? Did you intentionally stray away from the traditional spa interiors?

It was very intentional. My overall vision for FACEGYM was very clear from the beginning, so we have a strong visual identity. We are unique and the only gym studio for the face – we don’t think of our treatments as facials, they are workouts and our studio spaces reflect this by taking cues from the fitness industry. It actually makes it quite easy for us in many ways, because we are super unique and have a USP we can run with and make consistent across every touchpoint our community encounters. I’m always highly involved in every decision when it comes to our studios, from finding the perfect spot to open our latest location to helping source pre-used and recycled materials for the fixtures. I want our spaces to exceed every client’s expectations.

Tell us a few of your hacks for maintaining a top-notch skin routine during travel.

Book a vacation close to one of our studios! I joke, but you can now find FACEGYM in some incredible holiday locations – London, Sydney, LA, NYC, the French Riviera… we’ve gone global. For visible, long-term results, consistency is key but the reality is that nobody wants to be spending hours of their trip doing skincare, which means it’s about working smarter not harder. Alongside a face mist, I carry our award-winning Multi-Sculpt gua sha tool and Face Coach in my hand luggage so that I can give myself a facial workout on the plane – it passes the time and helps me depuff after catching a red-eye flight. All of our results-driven skincare formulas are available in minis now, so I’ll pack whatever I think my skin will need. If I could only pick a handful of FACEGYM staples, it would be: Our Active Blast Vegan Collagen Skin Booster spheres, which contain biotech collagen that is 200 times better performing in comparison to traditional collagen and makes my skin feel stronger, plump and healthier – FACEGYM takes a collagen-first approach to skin, so there’s no way I’m leaving these behind!. It’s activated by Hydro-Bound hyaluronic + niacinamide daily serum, which is brilliant for travel as your skin needs hydration to cope with the air conditioning, temperature changes and so on. Then Skin Changer 2-in-1 exfoliating essence-toner to keep my skin looking clear and bright – the upcycled pumpkin extract eats away at the junk inside your skin, kind of like ‘Pac Man’! Active Rollers are also a non-negotiable must-have for me – it’s a manual tool, made up of over 3,000 dissolving microneedles, all filled with active ingredients. There are three refill heads available but for travel to warmer climes, I’d stock up on ‘Hydrating’ as the sun can really dry out skin even when you’re being cautious in the sun.

What upcoming trends do you have your eye on in beauty and skincare?

I spend a lot of time traveling the world to understand the latest developments in technology, breakthrough ingredients, tapping into consumer insights on a global scale and researching what’s trending from the US to Japan, India, Singapore and beyond. I think beauty enthusiasts will continue looking for clinical grade beauty devices that deliver optimum results so that they can continue to elevate their skincare and self-care routines at home. Fortunately, a whole new generation of super skin machines are becoming more widely available to meet this appetite. I’ve got my eye on products and treatments that boost ATP (skin cell energy) for more efficient energy production, skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing protection. I also predict significant advances in bodycare – I recently tried a revolutionary new body shaper + skin treatment that uses next gen radio frequency to penetrate deep below the skin surface for fat burning, powerful skin tightening and contouring. I’ll be introducing it to some of my spas soon.

What has been your 2023 FaceGym highlight thus far?

I can’t pick just one. There have been so many pinch-me moments already and we’re not even halfway through. We began the year with a huge MECCA launch in Australia, where we did our biggest ever masterclass on Bondi Beach. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. From there, we’ve continued to go from strength to strength! We took a risk and launched Acne Light Shot, not knowing if there was a huge market for it but it has exceeded expectations and our community is really seeing the benefits. The LED blue light therapy device clears, treats and prevents acne and the before and after skin transformations have been astonishing – I even use it on my back! Our celebrity following continues to grow and the recent MET Gala was a real testament to that with almost 20 A-listers sculpted in the build-up – seeing Priyanka Chopra post an IG selfie in her FACEGYM headband was a proud moment. Our New York Trainers continue to smash it, no matter how high-profile the event. Then, behind the scenes, we’ve been working very hard on our second LA launch! Based in Santa Monica, I cannot wait for you to see it and already know it’s going to be one of this year’s highlights.


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