Everybody Frieze! The Standard Heads to The Art Fair at Randall's Island

It's going to be a beautiful weekend for art. Frieze Art Fair (a London exported collection of 180 contemporary galleries from around the globe) is up and running on Randall's Island and The Standard is there doing what The Standard does best, providing much needed sustenance to fairgoers with a satellite Biergarten. For those who are curious/confused about what's going on, scroll and read. It's gonna be a great time.

The smell of art

  1. Where is this Randall's Island?
  2. Randall's Island (not to be confused with Governor's Island) is located East of the Upper, Upper East Side of Manhattan. Check out this clever video for an overview of how to get to the island. Highly recommend the East 34th Street Water Taxi. It's a fun ride and takes about 20 minutes.

  3. Two-for-one tickets, Right this way

  4. You have to buy entrance tickets in advance, but fret not. Because you're urbane enough to be reading Standard Culture you get a discount. Enter code StandardNY12 here and get two for the price of one. Oh you're welcome don't mention it.

Gavin Brown and Mark Ruffalo totally stealing our sausage thunder. Our's are bigger by the way.

  1. Another art fair? What's so special about this one?
  2. Unlike Art Basel or Armory which are primarily held in convention centers, Frieze has a park setting and incorporates sculpture gardens with the local foliage. The Louise Bourgeois cocoons look particularly enchanting. Second, the fair is something of an multigenerational household. There are three tiers of exhibitors: the blue chips with all the A-list artists, "Focus" which are established but not household names, and "Frame" which feature the newbies. Everyone's mixed together lending the fairgoer a more varied art viewing experience.

  3. Don't miss!

  4. The DAP Bookshop (they distribute Standard Press) have a superb library of hard-to-find and limited edition art books. Such great finds. And also the Frieze Projects curated by our good friend Cecilia Alemani of the High Line is offering a whole host of talks, sound projects and other intriguing public art endeavors.

Hey KAWS! Love you! xxxx

Photos: Linda Nylind, Billy Farrell, David X Prutting and Team Standard

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