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Designer Dossier: Mordekai by Ken Borochov

MORDEKAI is the brainchild of Ken Borochov, a stylist based in New York City who started his own line when he couldn't find accessories for his shoots. MORDEKAI is showing this fashion week at The Standard, Highline. We spoke with him about the inspiration for his latest collection and the story behind Lady Gaga's wheelchair.

Is there an image that defines your latest collection?

We loved your wheelchair for Lady Gaga. Any fun fact from that collaboration?
I had a week to make it in and there was a huge snow storm in the Midwest where it was produced. It was an amazing challenge!

What’s your favorite YouTube video?
I've been watching a lot of Patsy Cline and Etta James videos lately.

Have you ever taken a dip in Le Bain’s jacuzzi?
No I'm very OCD... I can't go into jacuzzis.

What was the last book that inspired you?
Valley of the Dolls, and Beautified Provocation by Leigh Bowery.

Do you sketch your designs?
No, it's all in my head.

If you could live at a Standard Hotel which one would you pick?
That's a hard one! Do I have to choose?? Ok, fine, Miami. I love that city!

What inspired this collection?
I work off emotions and sourcing materials. These are my main inspirations. Themes that I worked off of included S&M, Paris Hilton, Innocence, Self Acceptance, Overprotected, Reality of life.

What’s your favorite piece in the new collection?
My gold chastity belt!

You were selected to be a MilkMade designer. How has it changed your career?
It has made my dream of a show come true. Ask any designer what their dream is and they'd say "be part of NYFW (or Milan, London, or Paris)." I feel like this is cementing me as an official New York City designer and is going to introduce my MORDEKAI world to many more people. Being a designer, I build a whole universe according to my aesthetic. Having this opportunity has really provided me with the power to control all the senses of the viewer and that is an amazing privilege! MORDEKAI needed a stage, so I'm very excited to share my kingdom!

What’s your favorite childhood movie?
Can I choose two please?? Clueless and Little Mermaid

What do you do the morning of your show?
It's my first... so I'll let you know after!

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