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Club Kids' Roundtable: Ladyfag, Anita Sarko, David Rabin, and Bruce Tantum Discuss The Scene

Club kids flee to New York City from Utah, from Kansas, or in Ladyfag's case Toronto, with a dream of a life less ordinary. This energy is the heartbeat of the dance floor, found inside of every club kid.

David Rabin, Anita Sarko, and Ladyfag will explore what keeps New York's nightlife ticking, how subcultures turn into powerful movements; what starts one night in someone's basement can become a new sensation. From drunken memories, the professional party throwers will piece together the past, talk about what's happening now and what the future may bring.

Meet Our Panelists:


Notoriously known for her armpit hair and transgressive style (some even say Nicola Formichetti lifted a few of her looks to use on Lady Gaga), Ladyfag is a performer, nightlife personality, and events producer. She got her start as a go-go dancer at Kenny Kenny's and Susanne Bartsch's Happy Valley. Currently she hosts ongoing parties 11:11 and Shade.

Anita Sarko

Anita was one of the first female headliners and deejays at clubs like the Mudd Club, Palladium, Danceteria, and Area. After getting everyone to the dancefloor, she had the task of keeping them there. Antia currently hosts Sarko Taylor Bar, a weekly radio show on SiriusXM.

David Rabin

Rabin was the force being Lotus, the club that single-handedly putting the Meatpacking District on the party map. He was president of the NY Nightlife Association until 2009, and was at the helm when Bloomberg's smoking law passed. Rabin currently runs the restaurant Cole's, Bar Naná and Skylark Lounge.

Bruce Tantum

For the last 12 years Bruce spent his days as Time Out NY's Nightlife Editor, his nights are spent spinning at every seedy club and basement dive in the city (and around the world). From Max's Kansas City and Studio 54 to Limelight and Centro-Fyl to warehouse parties, Bruce has seen it all.

Neverending Nights: Stories From New York City's Nightlife
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
7.30pm – 10.00pm

Le Bain
848 Washington St.
New York, NY 10014

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