Checking In

The West Hollywood Water Polo Team Shows Us Their Stuff

The Team drops in for a scrimmage at The Standard, Hollywood's pool. Do they hit the showers after? You bet they do. Photographer Peter Bohler is there to catch all the Speedo-clad – and Speedo-less –action.

Where’s the pool?  
Gotta stretch before you get wet.
Anyone know the rules of water polo? 
OK, so water polo is from England and is nicknamed WaPo, which would make them the WeHo WaPo.  
"Stop drowning yourself.  Stop drowning yourself.  Why do you keep drowning yourself?" Damn, water polo is rough. 
Underwater cam 
And now, to relax. 
Hit the showers, boys.   
Bruce Weber moment 
No, wait, that’s the Bruce Weber moment.  
Thanks brahs!  Come back anytime! No, seriously.  


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