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The Making of Heather Phillipson's Frieze Project "100% Other Fibres"

Of the many curious things you’ll see when you head out to Randall’s Island for Frieze New York, Heather Phillipson’s Frieze Project “100% Other Fibres” could very well be the strangest. The London-based artist creates “multi-sensory” installations, and “100% Other Fibres” is that and then some—a bizarre barrage of images and objects combined to hallucinatory effect. The work was conceived as a “giant, walk-in spinal cord”—you know, the kind that you can stroll through—with sensory information coursing throughout. 

One of the striking things about Phillipson’s work is the range of non-traditional materials she puts into play in the making of her immersive works. How many other artists can boast fiberglass pointer dogs and trampolines. And yet, it’s the way the artist brings together these disparate elements into something intense and particular that lends the work its power. We asked Phillipson for a breakdown of the materials that went into “100% Other Fibres” and she was kind enough to let us tag along during the installation, but neither does justice to the full experience. For that, you’ll need to head out to Randall’s Island to see it for yourself. 

Images by Balarama Heller

(Some of) the materials in "100% Other Fibres" at Frieze New York

14 fibreglass pointer dogs
12 pairs of headphones
1 soft kitty
2 38” trampolines
5 16” topiary balls 
1 2’ artificial cedar topiary
1 pair of long sleeve dishwashing gloves
1 anatomical spinal model
6 long curly rhapsody white wigs 
5 fake tongues
60 packs of 20 artificial bronze maggots
3 down & feather pillows
24” female torso  
1 3B arm/hand scientific model
1 new contractor fireplace mantel 
1 foil prismatic party hat
1 fake soft dog turd
1 3B scientific life-size female pelvis
2 medical anatomical lumbar vertebrae 
3 printed cards of thought bubbles
1 printed card of a giant dog biscuit 
5 sacks of multicolored dog food
1 chainsaw
assorted AV cables
300kg soil
black emulsion paint
white emulsion paint
timber, fixings, etc. 


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