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Channel Flippin': NYC's ASTR Pick Their Favorite Clips

In August, New York City's own, ASTR, ascended to The Penthouse of The Standard, East Village to perform as part of Annie O's elevated live music series. And since we think you can learn a lot about people from their favorite YouTube clips, we asked the duo to delve into their histories, and pick some favorites. 

"'Pumpers' by Tim & Eric is one of my favorite bits they've done, and reminds me of when I would do the "pump" in middle school - it's still the funniest thing to me."

"The Peter Popoff Miracle Spring Water infomercial is a sick and twisted scam that this "minister" presents as faith healing. When I moved to New York I would watch his infomercial every Sunday before back-to-back episodes of Cops at 3am." 

"The trailer for Dario Argento's Profondo Rosso is a haunting window into the work of the master of slasher films. It's a classic."

"I love to watch this choreography video to our new song "Activate Me" by Neil "Dradle" Schwartz."

"Harry Potter (aka Daniel Radcliffe) moonlights as a receptionist at NYLON in this video. He's so terrible at the job that it's worth the watch." 

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