Throwing Shade with Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson

As the hilarious hosts of the popular podcast Throwing Shade (and now spin-off show on TV Land), LA-based comedians Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson throw shade at those trying to restrict LGBTQ+ and women's rights. We asked them to throw some shade for us. 

Bryan Safi: He’s absolutely horrible (but kind of hot). Like a fuck-able Hannibal Lecter.

Erin Gibson: He has a pet bunny named Marlon Bundo, so as far as I’m concerned he deserves to be lied to by the National Security Adviser.

BS: Bored white men who spend millions on pleated-front Dockers? Hard pass.

EG: I like my men’s rights activists like I like my superhero movies: no.
BS: Horrifying. One of Trump’s worst ideas, which is saying a lot, considering he was in Home Alone 2.

EG: More Mexicans are leaving the US than are coming here, so the wall is less of a keeping people out and more of a turning the US into a prison yard.
BS: There’s nothing better than being outraged while sipping on some Charcoal Lemonade from Moon Juice.

EG: People in LA FINALLY care about things other than pilot season! I love that all the LA protest signs are not-so-subtle calling cards for joke writing skills.
BS: If you’re into bad boys, he’s the worst of them. Get it!

EG: He’s truly the king of awful gay men. If he wants to fix his image, he’d start spelling his name the right way: Teal.

BS: The scariest thing about her is she doesn’t have to do this. She wants to do this. She’s Lady Macbeth with no motive.

EG: Everyone assumes that mothers can never be evil, but Skeletor Paddington Bear proves them all wrong.

BS: All in. Love them. They’re the reason I sing to farm pigs.

EG: Because of our longstanding drought and heatwaves of our last four years, spiders have ruled Los Angeles. One night I woke up and a daddy long legs was sleeping on my hand, so I am glad the rain started again. The spiders can drown in the chemical water pouring from our skies.
BS: Fight with your words, not your bodies! We should all be watching Real Housewives on Monday nights instead of football.

EG: I don’t support sports that train by hopping around in tires. We need those for our dump trucks.

BS: Go to hell.

EG: I wish they would stop being so confusing. They support Trump, they don’t, they’re cool to their drivers, they’re not. Figure out if you’re evil or not.

BS: I’ll take Blanche Devereaux over Betsy DeVos any day. Was that the question?

EG: A bold lady who wants to ruin our public school system. I hated high school, so she can have at it with a sledge hammer.


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