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Doctor Dru The Voice Of Dru (Exploited)

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Doctor Dru is the wizard behind Europe's recent dance hits Juicy Fruit with the Adana Twins and his own breakout The Voice of Dru (both tracks on Exploited records). New York's favorites Cry Baby and Abraham Othwell who will play with him this Friday, sat down with the Doctor for a Standard Q&A.

When did you realize you wanted to do music? What was the trigger?

Doctor Dru: I was very young when I had my first music experiences. I guess, the trigger was my father. It's part of my childhood memories that my father would sit with his guitar and singing us songs. Although he was more into German Schlager and shanties. Thats where I have my cheesiness from, I guess (laughs). So I've started playing the guitar taking lessons from the preacher of our local church. But I dropped it after a short period because he was into boring church songs. Then after a few years as a teen I started playing the drums and that's when it became serious.

If you had to choose a superpower, which one would it be?

You have to carefully choose your superpower. It could be a 24h workshift taking care of all the shit that's happening in the world. I guess, I would rather go for being able to talk to animals. I always wonder what their thoughts are. They def' have a sense of humor.

Doctor Dru & Adana Twins Juicy Fruit

Do people sometimes confuse you with Dr. Dre.?

Most of the times people confuse me with Doctor Gru of Despicable Me. I love Dr. Dre though and what he and his production team have created throughout.

What is your favorite track by Dre?

One of my favs though is Fuck Tha Police from his N.W.A. times. That was the time when I discovered Hip Hop. it was all very exciting and there are great memories of back then.

Friday November 22, Le Bain presents House On Mute featuring Doctor Dru, Crybaby and Abraham Othwell. The Standard, High Line. 10pm.

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