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Table Talk: Healthy Bites + Guilty Pleasures With Chef Daniel Green

The table is set for an equally healthy and delicious meal with Daniel Green. The best part? We’ve saved you a seat. The renowned chef, TV host, and author has been cooking clean greens for over two decades. From his first cookbook on Thai food, to his healthy hangover tips and his exclusive new recipes for The Standard, Hua Hin, take a seat and join us as we explore Green’s world of healthy cuisine.

Take us to the beginning of your health journey… 

Actually, it was when I came to Thailand in 1991. I was starting to lose weight but healthy food was very limited in those days, it was all fat free and had no taste. Chefs would always say fat is flavor, so I was not excited about food. Coming to Bangkok, I realized that’s not the case. The herbs and spices were flavorful. So, it got me experimenting in the kitchen and my first cookbook 22 years ago was on Thai food.

What are simple steps people can take to start eating healthier? 

For me, it’s about small changes you can keep to rather than that terrible New Year’s resolution that you fall off after a week. Don’t have bad fat. Make sure the fats you have are good fats, like avocados and olive oil. Don’t limit fruits and vegetables, and make sure they don’t have sugar. The biggest challenge is carbs. I always want to give people options on what they can replace them with. 

Hot take: Organic food or locally grown?  

I love locally grown produce; I love that the philosophy in France is cooking with what's in season. I also love the idea of a restaurant that has a menu that changes every day depending on the best produce they found. 

We all have a guilty pleasure, what’s yours? 

Cheese, cheese oh and did I say cheese? Throw in some French fries and that’s my guilty pleasure.

What have been some of the bucket list moments in your career? 

I had the honor to cook for a member of the Thai royal family many years ago, and I would love to cook for someone from the royal family in the UK. I love the formalities that come with cooking in that environment.  I had cooked a large thanksgiving dinner at the American embassy here in Bangkok for the ambassador. From the table setting to the plates with the American eagle on them, it was wonderful.

What is the biggest change you’ve seen in the food industry?

I think expectations are higher across-the-board, people have more knowledge about food and different cuisines and how to cook them using what they find on social media. I think everyone’s raised their game. But I’d say the biggest change I’ve seen is more cuisines becoming more authentic in different parts of the world.

What’s your favorite Thai ingredient?

I have to say cilantro (coriander). I just love it, it’s so fresh, and works with so many different cuisines.

What's your go-to dish? 

Food is like fashion. Things become a trend, go out of style, and come back again. I am always developing new menus, I get into something and it becomes my go-to for a while. Right now, it’s the roasted eggplant with miso sauce that I developed for The Standard, Hua Hin. I topped it off with some fresh pomegranate seeds that I am in love with. I really hope guests enjoy this one.

Any recommendations for healthy hangover foods for our readers?

A massive stock pot of soup. You can eat as much as you want. Use spinach, leeks , onions, garlic, broccoli, chili, great stock, boil it all together and then blend it with a handheld mixer in the pot. Top it off with scallions and fresh cilantro. It’s a guilt-free comfort food.

What can guests expect from your new dishes at The Standard, Hua Hin? 

They can expect to understand vegan cuisine and how you can make it five-star and healthy.

There’s a lot of vegan dishes that are not necessarily that healthy, and a lot of ready-made dishes that are vegan are not concentrating on the carbs or fat. I want to showcase how you can be true to what health means today and still never compromise.

Starting April 23rd, Chef Daniel's mouthwatering vegan dishes made with local ingredients will be available at Lido and The Juice Café at The Standard, Hua Hin. Don't miss out.


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